Every so often, I'll stumble across a fantastic deal on a hotel, only to do further reasearch and discover disappointment: Under Renovation. Renovations can be disruptive to the hotels and guests alike, yet they can breathe new life into a property gone stale. Some elect to shut down for months or years at a time, like New York's landmark Pierre, while others throw a coat of paint on the walls, change the bedspread, and call it a "renovation."

While I was reading an article on London's Savoy, chronicling their 3 year multi-million dollar renovation, I was inspired to take a look around my own house...that is to say, my virtual house. And so it is that after a few coats of paint and new artwork for the walls, I present a fresh "The World of Deej."

As always, I hope you enjoy your experience.

~Insert Dude-like Closing Here~