Ticket 2012 - The Road Ahead

Today I am back for the final installment of BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel Project, a daily blogging challenge with a prompt for every day in November 2011. Today's topic: Ticket 2012. 

As we enter the final month of 2011, it seems only appropriate that the last installment of the Travel Project is a look ahead to 2012. Years which are evenly divisible by 4 are a big deal for me, because they host two events I always eagerly await...the Olympics and Presidential elections. It's safe to say, however, that travel will also add plenty of excitement in the coming year. Here's a look at my Ticket 2012... 

Where I'm Definitely Going 
  • Vero Beach - A trip that has become one of our favorite traditions. Hopefully, I'll win our 4 day running match of  gin rummy.
  • Disney - OK, stating the obvious a bit, but there will no doubt be many trips to the Mouse.

Where I'm Probably Going
  • Atlanta - The upside is my wife will likely run in the Peachtree Road Race again, taking us to The ATL. The downside is I think I agreed to run this year, in a moment of temporary insanity.
  • Cruise - My wife and I love cruising, and it has been 2 years since our last adventure on the high seas. I have a feeling that our resistance to the gravitational pull of the Oasis or the Allure of the Seas will soon begin to falter.

Where I Hope to be Going
  • Paris & Barcelona - This was our first big trip together, and there has been talk ever since about repeating the adventure. Perhaps this will be the year...
  • Munich & Prague - Beer anyone? 
  • Vancouver & Whistler - The best of both worlds. A city I've long wanted to visit, combined with a ski lodge vacation that we've tossed around for years. 
  • New York - Two Words...Le Bernardin. It is time...

So this list is somewhat detached from reality, but all are destinations that have been on the top of our list for a of couple years now. Obviously, we won't be able to pull them all off, so where would you go if you were me? 

2012 promises to be a great year in my life of travel and beyond. Thankfully, the Mayans gave us till the end of the year, so there is plenty of time to make it all a reality. 

Thanks to my friends at Bootsnall for hosting the 30 Days of Indie Travel Project. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to write on topics that otherwise might not have seen the light of day. I hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I've loved writing them....

~Insert Dude-like Closing Here~