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Hey there, how are you?

Well, perhaps I shouldn't make that the first sentence of my new blog, as currently I have no followers, and therefore I've just asked that question of myself. I've always heard that its OK to talk to yourself, its when you answer that there may be a problem. I guess I'll leave that one alone and just continue on...

So...yes, I've joined the blogging world. It seems everyone I know blogs. My wife blogs, my friends blog, my Mom blogs, Brian Williams blogs. That's pretty much everyone I know, and I was starting to feel a bit left out. I'm not sure if I've made the right decision, however, as it seems there is quite a bit of stress involved with blogging.

For example, I first had to decide what I was gonna write about, and then pick a name that fit well with that theme. Well I decided that most of my posts would probably be travel related, so that pointed me in the right direction, but there wasn't a name that seemed to fit. Then I looked down at my nice glass of Captain and Coke, and it hits me...The World of Deej. Well, it seemed like a logical fit to me, as the title alludes to a couple of my favorite places. If you know me well enough, you can probably figure them out. Lucky for you, I've already given you one hint.

Then, I had to come up with a layout for my page. Thank goodness Blogspot only gives a few choices, otherwise I probably would have given up right then and there. Once, that was complete, I had to pick just the right picture...you know for my future adoring fans.

So I completed all the prep work, and wondered what was next. It seemed I had forgotten what I had signed up for in the first place, and that was to blog. Well, it turns out I'm kinda worn out from all of this work, so I think I'm gonna call this my first post.

To my first follower, thank you for giving me some company. To all of those that follow my first follower, I'll try to make this interesting, but I'm really making no guarantees. I mean after all, I'm the guy who used to enjoy studying the atlas as a kid.


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