The Parade of Homes - Pebble Beach Style

Pebble Beach has long been the ultimate playground for the ultra-rich and famous. When New York starts to get a little boring for the Upper East-siders, they simply head west to their vacation home on this famed stretch of California's coast. For those of us who's 401k is less than the average resident's monthly budget for shoes, the display of wealth at Pebble Beach is impossible to overlook. Private jets soar overhead by the dozen and the local jewelry store advertises by asking: "Is your daughter's ring larger than your wife's?" The biggest example - quite literally - of Pebble Beach's riches are the incredible homes scattered throughout this prized piece of real estate.

Along the fairways of Pebble Beach golf links lie an array of homes each one more impressive than the last. Many have their own unique story, be it the famous owner that calls it home, or the mind-boggling price tag that went along with it. For example, take this beauty behind the 10th green. Actor Gene Hackman was the former owner, and earlier this year it hit the market at an eye-popping $79 million.
Pebble Beach Homes

If you don't have a spare $80 million laying around, perhaps you could become pals with investment mogul Charles Schwab and borrow his home on the 5th hole. Supposedly he is never there, which might give you enough time to figure out the giant sculpture in the back yard. Some say it is an abstract bull, which would make sense given the source of his wealth. 
Pebble Beach Homes

A personal favorite was this Spanish style home along the 12th tee. It's said the owner only uses the home 4-5 weeks a year, which raises the question of how one can apply for a house-sitting gig...
Pebble Beach Homes

Then there's the beautiful, yet classic, home of Pebble Beach's most legendary resident: Bing Crosby. The crooner's former pad can be found atop a hill on the 13th hole, complete with its own putting green and perhaps the best view of all the homes on the golf course. 
Pebble Beach Bing Crosby Home

While many of the homes at Pebble Beach have a unique story, none brings a scratch the head more than this hilltop mansion. The owner was afraid someone might buy the smaller home below, knock it down, and build something taller in its place, blocking his view of the ocean. the other home and just let it sit there. Problem solved.
Pebble Beach Homes

Amongst all of these outsized displays of wealth, there is still one home that would be considered modest anywhere in America. Behind the 18th green, adjacent to The Lodge at Pebble Beach, lies what can only be described as a shack by Pebble Beach standards. Still, this oceanfront shack occupies one of the most high profile lots in the complex, and probably rents out for a pretty penny when the U.S. Open comes to town.
Pebble Beach Homes

While there are countless residences throughout the town of Pebble Beach and the famed 17 Mile Drive, only 46 of them are on the golf course. They range from multi-home compounds with a whopper of a price tag, to fixer-uppers that would probably be bulldozed if the property changed hands. For all the unique stories among the homes, however, they all have one thing in of the most prestigious addresses on the planet. 

If any of the 46 happens to read this and needs a house-sitter, please visit the "Contact Deej" page above.

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