A Hotel Snob and the B&B

This weekend my family and I all traveled up to Sandusky, Ohio for a wedding. It was the first time in a long time that the 6 of us had all traveled together, but this was not the only unique thing about the trip. As opposed to staying at the way overpriced Hampton Inn, or other similar option, we decided to rent all three rooms in a local B&B called the Simpson Flint House.

I must admit I was a bit nervous about this decision. In all my travels, I had never stayed at a B&B, and the vision I created for the place was less than flattering. I expected on old creaky house, possibly haunted, decorated in a style of days gone by, with an older couple serving host eager to share their life stories. Well....that was exactly what I got. What had not occurred to me before the trip, however, was that all those negative expectations were actually what made the Simpson Flint house beautiful.

The house itself has aged well for being over 100 years old. It sits on the corner of a quiet neighborhood street in downtown Sandusky, and is anything but conspicuous in appearance. In fact, many of the lifelong residents of the area to which we spoke had never even heard of it. That can be a good or bad thing I guess, but in this case it certainly wasn't a fault.
The interior was beautifully decorated in a style one might have expected around the turn of the century. Old wooden sofas with floral print cushions, paper covering every square inch of wall, and antiques filling every possible nook and cranny of space. Some would say it was cluttered in appearance, and at first I definitely would have agreed, but over time it grows on you, and it's apparent that this style gives the home its great character.
Then there were the breakfasts....my oh my. Our hosts Jon and Cindy spent a fair bit of their life in the south of France, and it's clear that much of their culinary talents came home with them. The dishes were all incredibly rich, so much so that I could only eat about half my serving each day. If this was how well they did breakfast, I could only imagine if it was actually a "Bed and Dinner."

Overall, my first experience in a B&B was a great one. While my negative expectations were dead on, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that sometimes in life what we see as the negative is actually the positive. And so it seems that this hotel snob may just have to give a B&B another try.

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