Octobers at Disney

Hey there...How have you been? So I've been quite a slacker as of late, and I'd like to apologize to my seven loyal and devoted fans. Now, back to our regular programming...

Well here we are, having come upon my favorite time of year. The oppressive Florida heat has given way to some of the most beautiful days of the year. Pair that with a college football season in full swing, and you will likely find a very happy Deej. Besides the weather and football, I look forward to this time of year more than any other because it has always meant one thing...it's time to go to Disney.

Beginning in 1985 my Dad played in the Pro-Am portion of the Walt Disney World Golf Classic. The tournament featured many PGA touring professionals, that would be paired with a team of amateurs for the first three days of their four day tournament. Or to put it another way, a bunch of duffers with money to burn paid for the opportunity to be in the same proximity as some of the big name pros they watch on TV.

The tournament was held every October, and without a doubt it was the week that my family looked forward to more than any other. My brother and I got to miss a week of school, and our grandmother tagged along to babysit, which certainly was a plus since she pretty much got us anything we ever wanted. In addition, since the PGA was in town Disney always rolled out the red carpet. They had a fleet of courtesy cars that would drive you anywhere you wanted to go on property. Not to mention that they reserved rooms at the best Disney hotels, and anything and everything you wanted to do on property was absolutely free. They even gave you one free dinner at any Disney restaurant of your choice, and I can still remember the $800 comped tab at Flagler's in the Grand Floridian Resort.

This tradition continued for about ten years, and during that time there were some fantastic memories made. There were memories from the golf such as Dad hitting the shot of his life out of a fairway bunker to a crowded 18th green, or my brother and I having a great encounter with the late Payne Stewart. There were memories from the parks such as when my brother and I, aged 12 and 8, ventured to the Magic Kingdom alone, causing me to now question my parents sanity. There were some memories which are now infamous, like me being stuck in an elevator at 5 years old, or my brother refusing to let go of a bench, which brings a laugh every time I see it. There were memories of the hotels, like when the four of us, Grandma and Granddaddy, and my aunt and her baby daughter all crashed in one room in the Contemporary. And finally, there were memories of Grandma, and her insistence of following Dad each day while he played golf.

And so it has always been for me that October and Disney seem to pair together nicely. And now as an adult, I look forward to carrying this tradition for many years to come. This weekend my wife and I will make our second trip this month for the Food and Wine festival, and we couldn't be more excited. With any luck, we will catch the first round of what we call "Disney Weather."

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  1. I love this. I feel I relived every fun event.
    Great stories..."slacker nephew". X

  2. "Disney Weather", 80's hair and cherished memories - lovely reminder!

  3. "Disney Weather", 80's hair and cherished memories - lovely reminder!


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