Save the Marion Theatre - A Local Review

Last night my wife and I made a visit to The Marion Theatre in Downtown Ocala. This historic gem has been a part of the downtown landscape in one form or another for many decades, and was renovated just over a year ago into a two-screen HD theater. Since then, my wife and I have come to prefer seeing movies at The Marion, as opposed to the huge multiplex across town.
Marion Theater Ocala

There is a great feeling of nostalgia when one takes in a movie at The Marion. While the theaters themselves are state of the art, the exterior design and lobby areas have stayed true to their original form. The arrival experience could not be more different from a traditional multiplex, because instead of an enormous parking lot and line to buy tickets, one finds a single ticket booth right on the sidewalk. The lobby while small by comparison, is comfortable and welcoming, as opposed to the theme park type atmosphere found elsewhere. In these ways, The Marion is a symbol of days gone by, and yet that is why I find it so attractive.
Marion Theater Ocala

Sadly, since its open The Marion has had a difficult time financially, and their contract with the City was nearly cancelled last month. This was apparent last night when we shared the theater with no more than 20 patrons. Thankfully, the City agreed to extend their contract for an additional year, however if the theater's bottom line fails to improve it seems unlikely they'll be given a third chance. So if you're in the Ocala area and are in the mood for a movie, steer clear of the mega-multiplex and give The Marion a try.

And for the guys like me being dragged to see a "chick flick, it's OK...They serve beer....

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