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In about a half dozen locations across the country, AMC Theaters has rolled out a concept that is a twist on the idea of "Dinner and a Movie." Capitalizing on the notion that many of their customers also dine out when hitting the movies, AMC has decided to combine these two activities into one through their new "Fork & Screen" theaters. These select locations offer a full menu of food and beverages, served in your theater seat while you enjoy the movie. "Dinner and a Movie" all in one place...what's not to like?AMC Fork and Screen Downtown Disney
I must admit that I'm not a big fan of going to movies, but when I learned a portion of the AMC Theater at Downtown Disney was converted to a "Fork & Screen," I was excited to give it a try. Given the blistering heat of Florida in summer, taking in lunch and a matinee seemed the perfect alternative to a miserable day at the theme parks.AMC Fork and Screen Downtown Disney
We arrived to the theater about an hour early. Our original plan was to walk around the Downtown Disney area, but it was so hot that all we could think of was finding some A/C. Thankfully, the lobby area of the theater features a full service bar, and one can also order appetizers for a before movie snack. We passed the time by enjoying a couple beverages, as well as some onion rings and cheese dip, which were both fairly good.AMC Fork and Screen Downtown Disney
About 15 minutes prior to the start of our movie, The Hangover 2, we made our way to the auditorium. One big difference between these theaters and a traditional one is that all seats are assigned. This makes sense given the theater is essentially a restaurant, which also happens to be showing a movie. Our server directed us to our seats, which felt more like a Lay-Z-Boy when compared to normal movie theater chairs. These chairs were so comfortable, if the movie didn't keep my attention, there was a distinct possibility I'd fall asleep.

When it came to our meal, I wasn't expecting much from the food, as I had heard the menu was on par with a Chili's or TGI Friday's. I ordered the chicken quesadilla, and my wife had the "Lime Chicken Griller" sandwich. Both were unremarkable, and I had a hard time even rating these dishes as high as my local Chili's. I hadn't expected much, but seemed to get even less.AMC Fork and Screen Downtown Disney
Overall, the concept of the AMC Fork & Screen is a great one, and will no doubt be successful. If people are going to continue to show up and pay a premium, however, the food will need a bit of work. Otherwise, there won't be much incentive to skip dinner at Ruby Tuesday's in favor of dining at the theater. But for a guy who doesn't like the movies, this approach certainly makes going to the movies a more enjoyable experience.

Oh, and as for Hangover 2...If you've seen the first, then you've already seen the second.

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