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For our second meal in The ATL, my wife and I returned to an old favorite...TWO Urban Licks. We first visited TWO when we were looking for things to do in Atlanta on our last trip in 2009, and there was little doubt that we would return on this one as well. We had such a great first experience at TWO, the big question was whether or not they could deliver the second time around. What we learned is there's a key reason TWO often finds itself in the #1 spot on Trip Advisor.....consistency.

Two Urban Licks AtlantaThe entrance...

When you first arrive at TWO, it's easy to have the feeling of being lost, because this gem is located in an old run down warehouse on the outskirts of downtown Atlanta. But don't let the exterior fool you, inside is not only one of the hottest restaurants in the ATL, but one of the best views as well. And in case you're wondering, TWO is intentionally capitalized and helps set it apart from their sister location..ONE Midtown Kitchen. In fact, many of the locals I've spoke to simply refer to these restaurants as ONE and TWO.

Two Urban Licks AtlantaThe bay doors being opened.

The amazing view I mentioned comes courtesy of the old warehouse bay doors, which have been left in place along the far wall of the restaurant, and are opened as night begins to fall. Aside from the bay doors, there are two main things in the interior that catch one's attention. First, are the beer kegs stacked to the ceiling, which are not holding Atlanta's finest brew, but rather the wine being served throughout the restaurant. In addition, the enormous open grill in the center of the dining room makes it clear that TWO can be a carnivore's paradise. Like the exterior, however, one shouldn't let the grill fool them into thinking the menu at TWO is simply steak and potatoes...

Two Urban Licks AtlantaThe amazing view of downtown.

We started with the Beef Empanadas, which we also ordered on our first visit, but we (aka my wife) enjoyed them so much we couldn't help but try them again. The flaky crust of the empanada gave way to the slightly spicy beef, to combine for an explosion of goodness. I admit I was somewhat resistant to the wife's suggestion of ordering these again, but after a few bites, I was glad I went along.

Two Urban Licks AtlantaThe Beef Empanadas and Salmon Chips

Next came the dish which for me was the highlight of the evening...the Salmon Chips. Now, in full disclosure, I am a bit of a smoked salmon junkie. So it should come as no surprise that I'd fall in love with one of my favorite foods placed on top of potato chips. I mean, smoked salmon on potato chips may as well be chocolate donuts and ice's bound to be awesome, and it was.
Two Urban Licks Atlanta
After the euphoria of the Salmon Chips, I could have just as easily called it a night and been perfectly satisfied. But alas we were still due our mains, where I went with the special of the evening, Filet Mignon. The filet came sliced, cooked to a perfect medium rare, and served atop whipped potatoes. OK, so when I said earlier that TWO is not a steak and potatoes place, I wasn't lying, but it should be known that they do steak and potatoes quite well. My steak was tender to the point it bordered on the texture of a roast, which was more than fine by me. The dish was so good, it distracted me to the point that I failed to take a picture....You'll just have to take my word for it.

Two Urban Licks AtlantaThe Key Lime Popsicle

Finally, with the warm breeze blowing in and the twinkling lights of downtown Atlanta in the distance, it was time for dessert. I had decided shortly after sitting down what I would order, because the name said it all...Key Lime Popsicle. Frozen key lime pie, with a chunk of chocolate brownie at the end, and of course whipped cream. Naturally it was great, but what I enjoyed more than the food was the creativity of the dish, because almost everyone has a key lime pie on the one has a Key Lime Popsicle.

As I said in the beginning, the test for TWO Urban Licks on this visit was whether they could deliver the second time around. Oftentimes we visit a restaurant once and are blown away, only to return to be disappointed. Sure, some of that is our own fault, as an image of perfection gets slapped on a place, dooming them to failure in the future. But our experience at TWO this time around was just as amazing as the first. The food, service, and view all combine to make TWO our favorite restaurant in Atlanta.

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