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Golf Driving Range in Seoul South Korea

As my buddy and I were walking down the streets of downtown Seoul, we happened to pass a driving range located on top of one of the buildings. We decided to stop and hit a bucket, since it's not every day one can hit golf balls in the middle of one of the world's largest cities. Of all the pictures I've taken while traveling, this is one of my favorites...

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  1. Amazing picture, nothing better to plan golf in the middle of the city, reminds me of Mr. Bean, but he played on an active city day. Thanks for sharing,

  2. So how long was spent posing to get the elbow locked, head down, knees slightly bent, etc...
    Looks like a fun place to hit a bucket though.

  3. It took about 9 takes to catch the club in this position, but there was nothing posed about it:)

    It was awesome, there was this little pedal next to the mat and after every shot you tapped it and this arm set the next ball on the tee...


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