Hard Rock Live at Universal Orlando - A Review

If you've been following along here for any period of time, or you happen to have the misfortune of actually knowing me, then you may have picked up that I'm a big fan of all things Hard Rock. Cafes, hotels, casinos...I love them all for reasons still unknown. So when my wife suggested that we see her favorite band - The Script - in concert at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, I was more than happy to oblige the request.

The Venue - Photo Credit: HardRock.com 

This would be our second visit to Hard Rock Live, the first being a couple years ago when The Script were the opening act for some already forgotten American Idol winner. The venue features a large general admission area, and there are also ticketed seats on a second floor balcony for those like myself that are too old and stuffed shirt to catch a show from the floor. In addition, this being Hard Rock the traditional memorabilia can be found adorning the walls, and the 19 or so bars throughout ensure one is never far from a Hurricane.

Our Table...Stage to the Left 

One thing we learned from the previous show is the secret of the tables on left and right side of the second floor balcony. Well, it's not really a secret, but unless you know how to book one it may as well be. These private tables seat four people and have an awesome view looking down on the stage. They are perfect for a small group heading to the show, and yet the tickets cost the same as general admission. The tables also have a dedicated cocktail server, which naturally came in handy during the concert.

The Awesome View

The tables are assigned on a first come first serve basis, and can only be booked by calling the Hard Rock Live box office, as opposed to via Ticketmaster. Since I watched with a great deal of jealousy the people at these tables on our last visit, I made sure to be on the phone with Hard Rock the minute tickets were available. We were assigned table "E" which was along the balcony railing, and had a perfect, unobstructed view of the stage.

Opposite Side of Balcony - Empty House Post-Show

Naturally, the show was fantastic, and I'm quite confident that the table played a small role in what was an awesome night. Looking back on the evening, I still can't believe that Hard Rock does not charge a premium or some sort of service charge for these seats. I probably should not put this in writing and give them any ideas, but I would gladly have paid twice what we did for the experience. It is also pretty safe to say that seeing a concert from my own private table has probably ruined me for future shows altogether.

Correction: Hard Rock Live has informed me that there is in fact a small premium for table seating. For our show it was $5 per ticket over general admission cost. Now, can someone hand me a towel to wipe this egg off my face...

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