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Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Teal. Enjoy the ride as we share with you our Disney pet peeves.

So, I guess I'll go ahead and put this out there into Cyberspace...While at Disney, I may from time to time get a little, well, annoyed. Of course, the phrase "time to time" is certainly relative, and over my lifetime of visiting Disney, the number of things that seem to trigger my annoyance has grown exponentially. I take a little comfort in knowing that I am not alone with this affliction, as the internet is littered with countless rants by Disney fans on any number of topics. Knowing that I was in the company of friends here, I thought it would be funny for us take a look at each of our own pet peeves while at Disney.

I racked my brain for days attempting to identify the one thing that annoyed me more than any other, but that task proved much harder than I thought...
Hard to be annoyed when 3D glasses are involved...

Disney's lousy coffee? Yes, certainly a candidate...

Strollers smashing into my ankles? Definitely annoying, but it comes with the territory...

Map readers blocking the entrance to Thunder Mountain? They're lost, I'll cut them some slack...

Speedos at the pool? Cruel and unusual punishment anywhere, not just Disney...

Referring to the Monorail as the "train" or "skytrain?" Don't even get me started...

It went on like this for days, until it finally hit me...My biggest pet peeve at Disney is when the copy of my bill shows up on the door, not due to the minor cardiac event which it will bring, but because that little pouch means it is time to go home.

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  1. Lol!  Took the easy way out did you?  But I do have to concur on the ankle biting strollers.  ; )

  2. Yup I sure did:)

  3. And you are the one who chose the topic. I know how you are now. ; )

  4. I'm putting on my Speedo and grabbing my stroller, taking the skytrain to the Magic Kingdom where I will wait for you in front of Big Thunder while reading my map.  I shouldn't be too hard to find.

  5. Very cute! I love your positive spin on this. But I do have to say the the speedos really do annoy 

  6. Haha, the trick to finding good Disney coffee is to know where all the 'secret' kiosks are in each park that serve real brewed coffee.  Skip every single counter/quick service and instead hunt down the coffee kiosks.  You'll know you hit gold when you see the coffee being served in the white and purple styrofoam cups...not the typical red/white Disney cups.  :)

  7. Now that is funny!  :-)


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