One Word...Passion

Today I am back with BootsnAll’s 30 Days of Indie Travel Project, a daily blogging challenge with a prompt for every day in November 2011. Today's topic: One Word.

For me to describe anything in only one word is a nearly impossible task. I like to hear myself talk, especially after a couple of adult beverages, and I also happen talk to people for a living, so I am not the guy for "yes or no" questions and the like. That's why it is quite remarkable that it took all of about 4.2 seconds to come up with a single word to describe what travel means to me.....Passion.

Travel is, and always has been, the greatest passion in my life. There is something about travel that gets my juices flowing unlike anything else I've experienced. Roy McAvoy said in the movie Tin Cup that a well struck golf shot causes a "ringing in the loins," and while I can relate to this on the golf course, I seem to encounter it much more when I'm on the road. I can only recall a handful of great golf shots in a lifetime of playing the game, but I have countless memories of various adventures from just the last half dozen years.

Some would say that my passion for travel nearly borders on an addiction, and if I were to look at myself objectively, I would almost agree. But unlike the highs of artificial stimulants, the positive influence travel provides can last a lifetime, without the nasty downside of self destruction. On the other hand, the experiences in travel can have a side effect that is identical to a drug....they always leave you craving more.

If that makes me a junkie, then so be it. My passion for travel has brought me a lifetime of memories, and I'm going to keep on chasing that next high.

~Insert Dude-like Closing Here~


PS...If my wife is reading, of course I meant that travel is my second greatest passion.


  1. I know what you mean about it becoming like a drug – the low
    you feel when you get home from a trip and don’t have another in the immediate
    pipeline is so depressing!! I don’t know how people can’t be passionate about
    travel though, it literally rolls a hundred other passions into one, with new
    experiences/new food etc xx

  2. love the p.s. at the end... LOL!

  3. Somebody needs to make an intravenous for the thrill of travel. Then we could prove our addictions and get some medical help (Well, I can. It would be free up here in Canada).

    Nice save with the P.S.


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