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A stroll through the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris on a dreary winter's day. Plenty of historic figures are laid to rest here, such as Frederic Chopin, Oscar Wilde, and even Jim Morrison. Is it weird that I love to visit old cemeteries?

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  1. Yes it is, but as long as you keep taking great photos while you're there, we won't mention it.

  2. Oh you are not weird! I love visiting cemeteries - I love to read the person name, the date they were born, and the day they passed away...I love to imagine what their life was like, and where they had been, and what they had done in their lifetime.

    I love to imaine what they even looked like - maybe we are weird together?

  3. A bit weird, yes, but an excellent picture none the less. The pathway is nice and long, i too love taking a walk, especially in the winter in such pathways. However, i will, perhaps avoid the cemetery if possible.

  4. This is a lovely photo! I love tree lined paths. And I kind of enjoy visiting cemeteries as well... Recoleta in Buenos Aires is incredible!

  5. I really liked strolling through here. I spent hours here when I was in Paris. My favorite is Victor Noir's gravesite. What man wouldn't want his penis rubbed for eternity? Ha ha


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