Adventures to Disney - What's Ahead in 2012

Welcome to those of you joining me from Capturing Magical Memories, and to those just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail as we share our Disney plans in 2012.

Like many around this time of year, I tend to spend the month of January thinking about all the places I'd like to visit in the new year. As usual, my list for 2012 is far longer than what I know to be feasible, but my approach is to dream big, and then scale it back to reality. When it comes to our travels to Disney, however, there are several trips which I know will come about because, well, they are already booked...

Our adventures to the Mouse begin in just a few weeks, when we head to Disney World for my wife to run in the Princess Half Marathon. She and a friend have been training hard, and I'm actually looking forward to getting up at 3am to cheer them on.
Where I will be at about 5am in a few weeks...

Next up is Vero Beach, where we are heading for a long weekend of R&R at Disney's beachfront resort. To be honest, I just might love this place more than Disney World itself...
Disney at the Beach...Great Combination

While I'm sure there will be a few weekend trips splashed in the middle, our next trip to Disney will be in November, where we will participate in the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, as well as celebrate my birthday with our annual trip to the Food & Wine Festival. 
The Food & Wine Festival is Hard Work...

Finally, come December my wife and I will celebrate our 4th anniversary, and if we stick to a pact we made years ago that means one thing....Victoria & Albert's. While dining at this famed restaurant the day after our wedding, we resolved to return every other year in celebration of our anniversary. If we stick to that deal, then our third visit will round out our Disney adventures in 2012.

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  1. Love Vero Beach too!  It is a wonderful getaway.  And I like your Victoria and Albert's idea. Our 4th anniversary is this year too but I may try for our 5th instead.  Thanks for the idea!

  2. Don't forget St Patricks Day!!! ... and um "training hard". Ha! If that's what you call it.

  3. Go ahead -- dream big! Planning trips to Disney is addictive! I've cheered my husband on in the Disney Half Marathon and it IS fun -- bring some leftover noisemakers from New Year's Eve; otherwise you'll lose your voice cheering!


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