Florida Boy Seeks Cold Weather and Snow - Will Travel

"Why do you always travel north during the winter?" 

It's the same question every year, and the answer is really quite simple. I love the cold..I hate the heat. "Tigers love pepper..they hate cinnamon." Having lived in Florida my entire life, I've grown to detest the sweltering, humid weather we have from February through December. Even during our so-called "winter" the mercury often reaches 80 degrees, and it will yet again today. So while most of the country is seeking to defrost their bloodstream by heading to the Sunshine State - driving our hotel rates through the roof - I'm doing just the opposite and loving every minute of it.
The Snow Covered Great Wall at Simatai

I've been to Europe three times, Asia once, and all were in the dead of winter. We experienced the Blizzard of 2009 in New York City, and repeated the same in Asheville the following year. Even our latest adventure to California and Las Vegas required a jacket, although I could have done without the dessert air. As for future travels, I'm sure there will be some sort of adventure next December, and I can all but guarantee it will be to a destination where the local government has a line in their budget for salt. 
Helping New York Dig Out From The Blizzard of 2009

Living in a place where the grass stays green year round, there is something appealing about visiting a destination during a cold, dreary, and lifeless winter. OK, so I didn't realize I was in touch with my inner goth, but it's true nonetheless. There is a beauty to winter that I simply don't get to experience at home, but I always seem to crave while traveling. 

Today I am taking part in Bootsnall's 2012 Indie Travel Challenge. In case you couldn't tell, this week's topic is winter travel. Tune in next week for another prompt, or tag along with the challenge on Twitter at #Indie2012. 

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