Fremont Street Zip Line - Finding My Inner Daredevil

This may come as a shock to you, but Danger is not my middle name. I have no desire to skydive or strap a giant rubber band to my ankles and dive off a bridge. Roller coasters are about as adventurous as I get, but even then I have my limits. There is something about Vegas, however, that makes you do things you would never consider at home, or for that matter on any other vacation. Case in point, six hours after arriving in Sin City I suddenly thought it was a good idea to hook myself to a thin metal cable and zip line Fremont Street.
Fremont Street Las Vegas
Fremont Street

On our first night in Vegas we made plans to check out the infamous Fremont Street with some friends that were also in town. The first thing I noticed upon arriving were the people flying overhead on a zip line, and I had a feeling I was in trouble. See, my buddy SR is the daredevil of our little group, and I knew it was only a matter of time before he suggested we take a ride. Sure enough, about 17 seconds later we were headed to the zip line company, and I was desperately trying to come up with an excuse not to ride without seeming like a total weenie. 
Fremont Street Zip Line Las Vegas
SR Ready to Go
My wife came to the rescue by making a deal with SR that I thought for sure had me off the hook...she agreed to ride if it cost $20 or less. "This is Vegas," I thought to myself. "There's no way it only costs $20." Content in my future safety, I watched without dread as person after person glided above me. We arrived at the office, found the price list, and there it was in black and white...$20. $%&@!
Fremont Street Zip Line Las Vegas
Hoping This Wouldn't Be Our Last Photo Together
True to her word, my wife got in line with SR, while his wife and I walked back outside. Then suddenly, for some inexplicable reason, I handed our camera to SR's wife, turned around, and joined the others in line. Vegas was in control now.
Fremont Street Zip Line Las Vegas
The Wife and SR Are Ready, I'm Still Sitting Down

After signing our lives away - literally - we headed up to the platform, where I got the satisfaction of being able to use the phrase "suit up" at least once before I died. It was cold and windy up there, but the speed with which the blood was flowing through my veins provided enough friction to keep me warm. Finally, I walked up the steps with a resolve that would have made Nathan Hale proud, took a few deep breaths, and we were off....
Fremont Street Zip Line Las Vegas
Flying Over Vegas!

I held on for dear life most of the way, hoping that I wouldn't wind up squashing an innocent bystander below. The famous lights of Vegas passed by, and eventually I worked up the courage to let go and pretend I was flying. It seemed to take an eternity for us to reach the landing pad, but in reality the whole thing was over in about 15 seconds. It was one of the best quarter minutes of my life, and absolutely worth every penny. Filled with a sense of accomplishment, the wife, SR and I walked down the steps of the platform, and as my feet hit the ground I could feel Vegas release its hold.

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