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How many times as a kid did you try and sneak a late afternoon snack, only to have your Mom walk in the kitchen and pronounce...."You're going to spoil your dinner!" I never really understood how one could "spoil" an entire meal like a carton of milk, but apparently if you have a snack after an arbitrary point in time this is exactly what will happen. Thankfully as an adult we have places like Las Vegas where there are no rules, so long as you don't enjoy counting cards. Much to Mom's disappointment, you're even free to have dessert for dinner, as I learned at the Bellagio's Jean Philippe Patisserie.
The Willy Wonka-esque Fountain

There were not many things on my "must do" list when it came to Vegas, but I did add Jean Philippe using magic marker and a highlighter. Given my affection for mass quantities of sugar mixed with eggs and butter, there was simply no way I was going to miss this legendary sweet spot. As my wife and I walked through the Bellagio one evening we happened across Jean Philippe, and I was instantly brought back to the moment when I first I laid eyes on the Mona Lisa. The only difference was I could eat these masterpieces...
Jean Philippe Patisserie Bellagio Las Vegas
The Selection of Sweets

As we surveyed the selection of delectable sweets, the list of things we intended to order grew longer and longer by the second, however we realized there was just a slight problem. It was nearly eight in the evening, and we had yet to have dinner. I didn't really see this as a problem, but rather an opportunity to get really crazy in Las Vegas...I was going to have a chocolate eclair for dinner.
Jean Philippe Patisserie Bellagio Las Vegas
I'll Take One of Each Please.

Like a kid in a candy shop - literally - I got in the relatively short line to place our order. I went with the previously mentioned chocolate eclair, while my wife chose a tiramisu style cake called "Opera." As I reached the register the clerk asked if I wanted anything else, and while my brain said no, the words that came out were something like "3 chocolate covered strawberries please." The events are still sort of a blur, which is probably a good thing because it also made the $44 forgettable as well. 
Jean Philippe Patisserie Bellagio Las Vegas
The Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We grabbed a small table just down from the Willy Wonka style chocolate fountain, and dived in to what was obviously the best dinner of my life. I have had more chocolate eclairs in my day than I care to admit, but not even those from patisseries in Paris could top this one. I actually felt a tad bit of guilt for not offering my wife a taste, but as the eclair disappeared on my plate, so did that passing thought. For dessert - pun intended - I had two of the amazing chocolate covered strawberries, and after inquired if they could ship some home for me.  
Jean Philippe Patisserie Bellagio Las Vegas

Appropriate in a place like the Bellagio, Jean Philippe Patisserie isn't just a snack shop, it's a food museum. The cakes and pastries on display are truly works of art, and would have no problem fitting in at the Louvre and 'Orsay. When I put Jean Philippe on our "must do" list in Vegas, I certainly didn't anticipate visiting for a meal, but after our experience with dessert for breakfast, it seemed only appropriate that we try the same for dinner. So if you've always wanted to spoil your dinner, Jean Philippe is the place to do it in grand fashion.

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  1. I have been on a major sugar high all weekend because of your teaser on Friday. My attempts to recreate the chocolate fountain with my wife and some bottles of Hershey syrup...oh never mind. Add another item to my bucket list for the next time I am in Sin City.

  2. Seriously how are you not huge? Dessert for breakfast...Dessert for dinner...You're just one of those guys who was born thin and will always be thin no matter what they do aren't you? I hate you (but I love you for posting these pictures). I'm glad to hear that the pastries are every bit as good as they look. I officially promise to go and buy one next time so I can enjoy it myself instead of looking at the price tag the whole time.
    And Justin, I'm still laughing at your fountain attempt.

  3. Well you know what they say...better to try and fail than to not try at all!

  4. Yeah, sadly I am one of those guys. But one day it is gonna catch up with me and I'll be in serious trouble. Oh well, that's for another day...

    And I'm gonna hold you to that promise...Sometimes you just gotta pay $44 for an eclair, piece of cake, 3 strawberries, and 2 ice coffees...

  5. Funny. I never forgave my mum for saying that stuff too. Then again I'd just sneak it regardless.

    Seriously though those delicious sweets have just had the effect of making me dribble all over my keyboard. Thank you Sir!

  6. Anytime Will!...Sorry if the keyboard is damaged..

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