Lux Bus America - Anaheim to Las Vegas in Style

I'm a terrible driver. There, I said it. Actually, I'm pretty good behind the wheel, however my wife would say I drive as if I'm in Los Angeles at rush hour. And maybe there is some merit to this, given I spent several years navigating one of the country's worst commutes - Orlando - on a daily basis. So it came as no surprise when she asked me to research alternatives, after I informed her our trip from Anaheim to Las Vegas would actually involve me driving in Los Angeles at rush hour. Thankfully, the good folks at Google led me to what seemed to be a perfect solution... Lux Bus America.
The Lux Bus Coach

By the time you figure driving to the airport, the hassle with security, and the flight itself, getting to Vegas from Los Angeles by air takes nearly as long as driving. For those like me that would rather not risk their marriage by making the four and a half hour drive, Lux Bus America offers daily motor coach service from Anaheim to Las Vegas, and the fare - about $70 per person - appeared to be about the same as a one-way car rental. After checking out a few reviews online, I decided to book our reservation, and ignored the voice in my head screaming "Deej doesn't do busses!"
Inside the Coach

On the morning of our road trip I was more than a little anxious. The coach was due to pick us up from our hotel at 8:15 a.m., and naturally I was concerned with the worst case scenarios. What if the coach breaks down? What if they forget to pick us up? I paced around the hotel lobby annoying my wife all the while, but as usual my fears were completely unfounded, as the bus pulled up right on time.

We found only a few other people on board, so my wife and I got comfortable on our own rows and settled in for the ride. Those extra comfortable digs would be short term, however, as the bus filled to capacity at the main terminal for Lux Bus, located at the Anaheim Garden Walk. After waiting around an extra half hour for a passenger that was late, the bus finally departed the terminal bound for Vegas. By this point, I was a ball of pent up excitement, eagerly awaiting the next four hours of uncharted territory on my first bus trip.
Comfy Seats and Plenty of Leg Room

I spent those next four hours bored out of my brains, staring at a vast sea of barren desert. I mean, straight up tumbleweeds rolling down the road desert. Which was cool for a few minutes because I've never really seen a desert, but after a while I just wanted to see something green, or some sign of civilization other than passing cars.

A couple hours into the trip we pulled into the metropolis of Barstow for our scheduled 20 minute break. There I grabbed lunch at McDonalds in what was clearly the California version of Stuckey's. Had I planned ahead, I could have also knocked out some Christmas shopping, but I assumed my Mom and Dad wouldn't see the beauty in their portrait carved into a wooden stump.
The View For Most of the Trip

In all seriousness though, the ride was actually pretty entertaining. The bus played Cars 2 and the new Pirates movie on their TVs, and served complimentary snacks and beverages. If I started to get bored, I just eavesdropped on some of the wacky conversations going on around me, and that provided plenty of entertainment. I wonder if that one lady's 90 year old mother ever found Harrah's?...

Finally, after about four hours on the road I could see Vegas in the distance, literally like a mirage in the middle of the desert. The bus pulled into the garage at Harrah's where just about everyone disembarked for their final destination. We were staying at the Mirage directly across the street, so thankfully we didn't have much farther to travel. 

All in all my first experience traveling by bus was a great one, and the service provided by Lux Bus was excellent. Sure you might have to listen to a lady talk about her cats, but it sure beats dealing with the TSA. So if you're considering the Disneyland/Las Vegas combination like us, skip the airport or rental car and let Lux Bus America do the driving instead.

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Lux Bus America provided complimentary fare for our ride to Vegas. As always, all opinions are my own. For more information on their service, please visit their website at


  1. Great tip!  I haven't traveled by bus since I was a university student so I never would have considered it - sounds much better than dealing with the airport hassle for a relatively short trip.

  2. I'm guessing it also saved you from having to buy a return ticket on the airport shuttle too, so that would make it even cheaper. 
    I've done that Anaheim to Vegas drive countless times, and you're right, there's almost nothing to look at. When Barstow is your highlight, you know it's a barren stretch.

  3. Love this! We have always toyed with the idea of taking a Casino bus.  Not sure if you talked me into it or not but I am now looking at it as more of an adventure.

  4. It definitely beat the hassle of flying Lisa...I wish there were more options like this!

  5. It was pretty rough scenery, but it sure beat driving myself...

  6. Well, most of the passengers were headed to Vegas as a destination, as opposed to a few hours at the casino...I'd imagine the casino bus would be far more adventurous:)

  7. We did the Lux Bus from Anaheim to Vegas in 2009 and it was awesome - definitely a great way to travel in style and not have to worry about getting on those crazy freeways.

  8. I would definitely use Lux Bus again, if for no other reason than to avoid the LA highways! Safe travels wherever you guys may be in the world!


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