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It is a beautiful December morning in Southern California, and as we make our way down Disneyland's Main Street I can feel my heart begin to go aflutter. I immediately recognize the feeling, having experienced it once before, and am keenly aware of the great things that lie ahead. We make our way into the beautifully decorated New Orleans Square and find the familiar marking next to a nondescript door. I lift a brass cover which conceals the only thing standing between me and my destination...a little red button. I pause briefly to take in the moment.... 

Disneyland Club 33
Our Table Setting

We arrived for our reservation at Disneyland's Club 33 a few minutes early, but only a moment after I pressed the doorbell a hostess emerged to take us inside. We made our way into the beautiful entry where we waited a few minutes before we were asked to proceed to the dining room upstairs. We then had an interesting decision to make...Do we take the ornate staircase, or the vintage birdcage elevator? We of course opted for the elevator.
Disneyland Club 33
The Staircase and Birdcage Elevator

Once upstairs we were greeted by another hostess that led us past the sprawling brunch salad bar, and to our table in the corner of the richly decorated dining room. I surveyed the grand surroundings and the amazing view of New Orleans Square below. I considered having my wife pinch me, but I knew all to well this wasn't a dream. This may have been our second experience at Club 33, but the rush I felt in those few moments was no doubt as strong as the first.
Disneyland Club 33
The Walk to the Dining Room

We were welcomed by Robert, who I immediately recognized as being our server on our first visit four years prior. His warm demeanor made us feel like welcome guests in someone's home, as opposed to outsiders in an exclusive club. We chatted for a few minutes, but by this point I was beginning to have a hard time ignoring the grumbling in my stomach.
Disneyland Club 33
The Dining Room
After a few minutes contemplating the menu, I decided that 11:30 in the morning was in fact not too early to order Chateaubriand. My wife similarly decided there was no rule against having Truffle Mac and Cheese two meals in a row, and ordered the Free Range Chicken which it accompanied. With our orders complete, I succumbed to to the magnetic force coming from the salad bar in the adjacent room. But this wasn't any ordinary salad bar...
Disneyland Club 33
The Seafood Spread on the Salad Bar

Sure, there was plenty of green stuff on the salad bar, and my wife raved about the plethora of fresh tomato and mozzarella, but I left these sections mostly untouched. The main attraction for me was the ocean of seafood found at the end of the bar. There I had the choice of snow crab claws, lobster tail, jumbo shrimp, and more fresh salmon lox than is found in the state of Alaska. Needless to say, I had officially reached Nirvana.
Disneyland Club 33
The Chateaubriand

As I sipped on a glass of champagne, and slowly slipped into a shellfish induced coma, I was brought back to reality by the arrival of our entrees. I wasn't sure where I was going to store the Chateaubriand, but once I laid eyes on it I was resolved to give it a try. The steak was perfectly cooked, fork tender, and was a great pair to the market of shellfish I had consumed. My wife also raved about her chicken, but we both knew the highlight was the truffle mac and cheese.
Disneyland Club 33
The Free Range Chicken and Truffle Mac and Cheese

Before diving into dessert, we decided to step out onto one of the club's balconies which overlook New Orleans Square. The view was fantastic, and a place of relative tranquility when compared to the crowds in the park below.
Disneyland Club 33
The Balcony Overlooking New Orleans Square

With our stomachs sufficiently rested, it was time to dive into the phenomenal dessert buffet. Rather than embarrass myself by listing all the things that made their way onto my plate, I'll simply say I tried one of everything. About halfway through the Wonka factory in front of me, Robert also brought us a special dessert in celebration of our anniversary. It was the perfect end to what had been an extraordinary dining experience.
Disneyland Club 33
The Dessert Spread

We both sat in silence for a while, enjoying the last few sips of champagne and reflecting on this unforgettable morning. After our first trip to Club 33 I believed that we would never be back, and as I looked around the dining room I couldn't help but wonder if this visit would truly be my last.  The thought was fleeting, however, when I quickly remembered just how lucky I was to have even visited once, let alone twice.
Disneyland Club 33
The 2011 Version of this Photo

After soaking up our final few moments in this special place, we made a stop by the souvenir cabinet, took the ride back down the birdcage elevator, and walked out the nondescript door to reemerge in the crowded New Orleans Square.

Enjoy Your Stay
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