Serendipity 3 Las Vegas - Dessert for Breakfast

Several years ago, a popular pancake house ran an ad campaign encouraging people to "have breakfast for dinner." While I'm sure the campaign was highly effective, it missed attracting a key demographic of people like myself that would prefer to start every day by having dessert for breakfast. Thankfully, our under served niche has the legendary Serendipity 3 to fill the void.
Serendipity 3 Las Vegas

Serendipity is famous for many things, not the least of which are their desserts and sundaes created by the hand of Providence, and a dreadfully lame chick flick staring John Cusack. As with just about every famed restaurant with roots in New York, Serenipity also has a location on the Las Vegas Strip, and on the first morning of our trip to Sin City we decided to have dessert for breakfast.
Serendipity 3 Las Vegas
The Bar at Serendipity

As you walk - or stumble - down The Strip, it is nearly impossible to miss Serendipity, which is prominently perched outside Caesar's Palace and encircled by a hot pink awning. We arrived around 10am to a completely empty restaurant, which I guess is of little surprise in a town that starts every day with a hangover. The catchy exterior carries forward to the inside, where the decor is pretty much exactly what you would expect from a place that inspired a John Cusack movie.
Serendipity 3 Las Vegas
The Interior of Serendipity

The breakfast menu at Serendipity is enormous, but I only had to get to the second item listed before I knew what to order. This came as a shock to my wife, because I am usually still attempting to decide while the server takes her order, but if more restaurants had "Frozen Hot Chocolate French Toast" on the menu, I wouldn't have this problem. 
Serendipity 3 Las Vegas
Even the Espresso has Sprinkles

When the server emerged from the kitchen a few minutes later, I caught a glimpse of what I knew was my plate, and for the first time in my life experienced the sensation of love at first sight. To attempt any description of my french toast would fail in doing it justice, so I will simply let the picture do the talking. 
Serendipity 3 Frozen Hot Chocolate French Toast
Frozen Hot Chocolate French Toast - No Syrup Required

As awesome as my dish may have been, the winner for "Most Amazing Plate at the Table" goes to my buddy's "Saints and Sinners French Toast Log." Bacon, two sunny side up eggs, breakfast potatoes, fresh berries, and a log...yes, a log of French Toast. I'm not sure which was more impressive, the dish itself or the display of consumption, but either way it was quite a sight.
Serendipity 3 French Toast Log
A Log of French Toast - The Sinners Clearly Win the Battle

It is probably best that the nearest Serendipity is over a thousand miles from home, because if it were any closer I would wrestle every day with the idea of a French Toast road trip. And this after only trying their breakfast...I can only imagine what they do with dessert for dinner.

Oh and for the record...Yes I've seen the movie. No, I'm not proud of it, but Kate Beckinsale's accent made it worthwhile. 

~Insert Dude-like Closing Here~ 


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  1. love this - love the movie!...for what it's worth,  serendipitous moments are one of the coolest joys in life...may you experience many!....llj

  2. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that my wife fully supports your "Dessert for Breakfast" campaign. I've never had breakfast at Serendipity, but those pictures will probably change that next time I'm in town. I've had the frozen hot chocolate and it was great. If the Frozen Hot Chocolate French Toast is half as good, I'll be sold.

  3. Wow - my teeth hurt just from looking at those pictures!  Have never been to Serendipity but I'm sure that if I show my kids this post then we'll be there the next time we're in New York City.

  4. Wow. I should not have read this before I ate dinner. :)

  5. It's more than half as good Steve...You guys definitely need to hit it for breakfast next trip...

  6. You will officially be the best mom ever if you take them for breakfast:)

  7. Just have dessert for dinner then...problem solved...


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