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Sometimes it is amazing how the littlest of things can influence the places you visit while traveling. A few weeks back I sat down to figure out what hotel in Tampa my wife and I would stay after our late night return from Las Vegas. Of course, I first got distracted by Facebook and Twitter for a few hours, before I finally decided to focus on my original task. I hit the refresh button one more time on my Twitter feed, and spotted this...

Bingo...Problem solved...Back to wasting time...

After closer inspection it seemed the Wyndham Westshore had everything I was looking for with this stay. A convenient location with a free shuttle to Tampa airport, as well as a sweet "Park and Fly" rate which would allow us to leave our car while away. I took a quick look at Trip Advisor and was impressed to see the hotel's GM had taken the time to respond to every review, both good and bad. I've come to learn that hotels which are that engaged with their customer never seem to disappoint, and I was confident the same would hold true with the Wyndham.
Wyndham Westshore Tampa
The Wyndham Westshore

We arrived to the hotel a few hours before our flight, and I stopped by the front desk to let them know we needed the airport shuttle. As we waited outside the hotel I expected the usual van or mini-bus to be our ride, and was pleasantly surprised to see a shiny black SUV pull up instead. When we returned 7 days later, it was approaching midnight by the time we got off the plane and collected our bags. I phoned the hotel but doubted the shuttle was still available. To my surprise the agent said it would be right over, and about 10 minutes later we were leaving the airport. I had barely set foot in the hotel, and already I was impressed.
Wyndham Westshore Tampa
The Lobby

After a quick check-in with the friendly desk agent, we made our way up to the room and the bed which I desperately needed. Our room was sharply appointed with a flat screen TV, and my personal favorite, a comfortable duvet on the bed. The bathroom was functional, albeit a bit small, and I was happy to see the Keurig style coffee maker.
Wyndham Westshore Tampa
Our Room

We had been upgraded to the hotel's club level, but given the late hour I didn't have any hopes of that curing my grumbling stomach. I walked down to the club lounge and found the door open, even though I got the red light when first trying the lock. I rummaged around the lounge in search of a snack, and you would have thought I struck oil when I found the stash of chocolate chip cookies...Score! Realizing that if caught I'd have a hard time explaining why I was in a dark lounge after hours, I high tailed it back to the room with my loot.
Wyndham Westshore Tampa
The Scene of the Crime...The Club Lounge

The next morning I awoke refreshed, but ready to head home after 8 days of travel. The club lounge was closed for breakfast on the weekend, but we were given vouchers for the buffet downstairs. Sadly we were crunched for time and weren't able to enjoy breakfast, but I was quite impressed with the spread. My stomach started to grumble again about an hour later, and I really wished we'd woken up earlier.
Wyndham Westshore tampa
The Breakfast Spread

The Wyndham Westshore proved to be the perfect spot for us in Tampa. The staff were fantastic, and the rooms and other amenities were comfortable and modern. While we were only at the hotel for a few short hours, the Wyndham far exceeded our expectations, and I'm certain we will return when our travels take us out of Tampa.

Oh and if anyone from the hotel sees this, I understand if you need to bill me for those cookies.

~Insert Dude-like Closing Here~ 


Special thanks to the Wyndham Westshore for hosting our visit in Tampa. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Cookie Thief! LOL. That's one of my favorite stories so far. I certainly don't know what you had to do that was more important than that breakfast buffet though. I'm pretty sure that would have been at the top of my priority list.


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