The President Made Me Late For Lunch

Washington D.C. loves a good motorcade. Anytime you hear a siren inside the Beltway, there's a good chance that someone important - relatively speaking of course - is moving about. For tourists, the sight of these SUV parades can add a bit of excitement to their experience in the Capital, but after a while they start to get old. Especially when the President of the United States makes you late for lunch.
The Capitol
The Wife at The Capitol...AKA - Motorcade Staging Area

During our summer visit to D.C., it seemed like we encountered a motorcade everywhere we turned. Congress had finally come to the conclusion that defaulting on our national debt wasn't a great idea. With their deadline to fix the problem looming that weekend, representatives were scurrying around in black Cadillac Escalades like squirrels trying to bury a few more nuts before winter.
The President of Pakistan Arriving to The Capitol...

One afternoon, after the customary visit to the White House, we began the walk to America Eats Tavern, where we had a lunch reservation. As we approached the corner of New York Avenue, I noticed there were no cars on the road, and there were policemen on bikes all up and down the street. Great...another motorcade.

After waiting on the corner for a few minutes, the familiar sound of sirens and motorcycle engines could be heard, and as the vehicles came into view it was clear this wasn't the mayor of Schenectady. As the line of vehicles came closer, I could see a shiny black limousine with a tiny American flag waving on the front. The motorcade turned directly in front of me, and sure enough, there was The President of the United States...on his Blackberry.
Presidential Motorcade
OK...So I was a little excited to see POTUS.

Once the hubbub died down we continued our walk to the restaurant and arrived about 5 minutes late for our reservation. I apologized to the hostess and explained that the President had made us late. The slight roll of her eyes made me wonder if she'd heard this excuse before.

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