My Travel Inspiration - Who, What, When, and Where

We all have a story. The who, what, when, and where of our lives that led us to the place we are today. Too often, however, that story gets overlooked on sites like this one - lost amongst a sea of hotel reviews and stories from this city or that. So when fellow travel blogger and foodie, A Lady in London, tagged me in a series focusing on that story, I decided it was a perfect time to share the four W's that inspired me to travel.  


As a kid, I was inspired by the travel escapades of my Grandma Nell. One part Jackie Kennedy, another part Elizabeth Taylor, Grandma Nell had traveled all over the world at a time when few were doing so. I remember vividly her sharing stories from Singapore and the Great Wall of China, and she was supremely jealous of Imelda Marcos's shoe closet in the Philippines. These stories, over endless games of Gin Rummy, made a big impression on me as a kid, and no doubt laid the groundwork for my passion to travel.
Simatai Great Wall of China
Following in Grandma Nell's footsteps on the Great Wall.

What and When 

My inspiration to travel took on a life of it's own as I entered adulthood and took my first real job working at a hotel. I spent several years, both during and after college, at the front desk of The Grand Bohemian hotel in downtown Orlando. I interacted on a daily basis with guests from all over the world, and had colleagues that worked at some of the planet's most amazing hotels. These relationships made me want to get out from behind the desk and see the world, and eventually I did just that. To this day I am still a huge hotel junkie, and the number of properties I wish to visit would rival Santa's "Nice" list.
Hyatt Regency Austin
I'm a sucker for atrium style hotels...


Shortly after leaving the hotel business, I took my first big trip to Asia. I've shared here on a few occasions some of the incredible experiences I had on this adventure, but the impact this trip had on me went far beyond those couple weeks. I'd traveled about as far from home as I possibly could, and it left me with a desire to do it again...and again. If Grandma Nell dropped the pebble on top of the mountain, and the hotel business started it's roll, then it was this trip which made the snowball explode in size. 
North Korean Border
The only time I'll probably ever visit North Korea.

This post is part of easyJet Holidays Inspiration Initiative...a competition for travel bloggers to share our globetrotting inspirations. In keeping with the spirit of the series, I nominate Don't Ever Look Back, Jason's Travels, Just Chuckin' It, Reclaiming My Future, and More Kids Than Suitcases...If you don't already follow these awesome blogs, you really should... 

Who, What, When, or Where inspired you to travel? 

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