The Beatles LOVE at Mirage Las Vegas

A few years ago, my wife bought me the soundtrack to Love; the Cirque du Soliel show in Las Vegas based on The Beatles. Being a huge fan of the Fab Four, from the moment I hit play, I found myself instantly in love...pun intended. The soundtrack mixes some of The Beatles' greatest songs together, to form a medley that can only be described as brilliant. On our recent trip to Las Vegas, I was finally able to see the show for which this amazing soundtrack was created.
Beatles Love Las Vegas

After first fulfilling another goal by having dinner at Picasso, we headed to the theater at The Mirage for the second act of this amazing evening. Before finding our seats, we stopped at the concession stand for what we thought would be a pre-show beverage. It turned out we were actually buying Pre, During, and Post show drinks, because true to Vegas form, the beverages at Love would rival the largest Big Gulp at 7-Eleven.
Beatles Love Las Vegas
My jug-o-Captain and Coke

We made our way to the seats, and as I admired the theater with my half gallon of Captain and Coke in hand, I was pretty sure life couldn't get much better. Just then, the lights were dimmed, and the sounds of "Because" began to play. The cast slowly made their way onto the stage, and then like the pop of a champagne cork, the unmistakeable cord from "A Hard Day's Night" brought the show to life.
Beatles Love Las Vegas

I'm not going to lie, in that moment I shed a tear. OK, so I actually shed a few, and it may have happened more than once during the show. For years I had listened to this soundtrack, memorized nearly every nuance found within, and here it was coming to life before me. At risk of sounding cheesy, corny, sappy, or any other wimpish adjective, it was beautiful, and yeah, it made me cry.
Beatles Love Las Vegas
Entrance to the theater.

During the show, I looked around at my fellow patrons, and while I didn't notice anyone crying like a girl at Shea Stadium, there were plenty that couldn't resist the urge to sing along. There are also a couple parts where the audience plays a role in the show, but I won't ruin the surprise for those that haven't seen it.
OK, so I sneaked one picture.

As with all Cirque du Soliel shows, the skill and acrobatics of the performers is simply amazing, and yet it was all done flawlessly. In addition, the theater for Love is unique, with seating built in a 360 degree circle around the stage. That means there are no bad seats in the house, but the sheer volume of activity on stage makes it impossible to see everything. I imagine one could see the show a dozen times, and still see something new each visit.
Beatles Love Las Vegas
We were going to come here for drinks after,
but I was still working on my half gallon of Captain.

Going in to Love, I was somewhat worried that years of build up would lead to a big let down. That fear left about 90 seconds after the lights went down. The show exceeded the lofty expectations I brought with me, and I would gladly pay twice the equally lofty ticket price to see it again.

Sure, I may be a bit biased given my mild obsession with The Beatles, but there is no doubt that Love will impress even casual fans of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

And I promise, no one will judge you if you cry...

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