The Soundtrack of My Travels

There are few things on this planet which have the power to draw out emotion quite like music. The sound of a familiar song can bring about a smile or tears in just the first few notes. This emotion stems from an unbreakable bond that is often made between music and our memories.

The Gringotts Vault inside my brain is filled with countless memories from various adventures around the globe. As a result, rarely does a day go by that a tune on the radio - yes I still listen to radio - reminds me of one trip or another. Put together, these songs form the soundtrack of my travels.

U2 - Beautiful Day

Perhaps one of the most uplifting songs ever written, I took this album along with me on my first trip abroad. I was headed to China and scared out of my mind. Thankfully, about 28 playings of Beautiful Day got me through the 16 hour flight, and was the perfect track for that adventure.
"See the world in green and blue...See China right in front of you."

Sir Paul McCartney - Live and Let Die

I first saw Sir Paul in concert in Tampa with my mom over a decade ago. Back then I resolved that if he ever came back to the states that I would be there. A few years ago, that opportunity presented itself in Atlanta. On the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, MJ and I stood in Piedmont Park and rocked out to one iconic song after the rain.
"When you were young and your heart was an open book...
You used to say 'Live and Let Live.'

Green Day - American Idiot

Several years ago, a group of buddies and I took a trip out to Vegas. I had just purchased the American Idiot CD - I didn't believe in iPods yet - but there was just one problem...I left my headphones at home. One of the guys had a pair in his bag, but insisted that we share them; he took the left, I took the right. Looking back, I'm not sure how we escaped the scorn of our travel mates for this blatant violation of manhood.
The only photo which survives from this trip to Vegas...

U2 - New York

No city has been the inspiration for more songs than New York. U2's tribute to the Big Apple ironically came out shortly before 9/11, and reminds me of the trip my brother and I took in the aftermath to pay our respects in person. Somehow this song never received the attention it deserved, and remains unknown to many. Since I'm assuming you may be in that bunch, this is worth the 5 minute investment...

The connection that is forged between music and our memories is one that is nearly impossible to break. This bond is unique to music, because unlike the other arts, we take ownership of these songs. They become ours, and as a result, are forever entwined with the fiber of our soul.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the soundtrack of my travels. Thankfully, the world was blessed with Steve Jobs and the 16 gigabyte iPod.

Thanks to Leah Travels for tagging me in the Soundtrack of my Travels. Now, I pass the torch on to Traveling with Sweeney, Don't Ever Look Back, and Wez Wanders. 

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