Adventures with Uncle Deej

This weekend, life changed in a pretty big way... I became an uncle.

It's not like it wasn't expected. Afterall, there was about 9 months of advance notice. In that time, however, the gravity of this event never fully sank in. When my brother and I talked about the impending arrival of his son, in my mind it was this far off event that was going to day. Well eventually "one day" became today...

I became an uncle once before - one of the most rewarding features of the benefits package I received by marrying MJ - but my niece was already several years old when she entered my life. This would be my first experience welcoming a new member to the family from day one. Standing in the delivery room, looking at my nephew still in the first hour of his life, I watched as his grandparents and aunts greeted him with the type of emotion one might expect from a new baby. What caught me off guard, however, was my own response to the moment. 

I went to mush. In fact, it's four days later, and I'm still mush. In that moment, all the mumbo jumbo about how a baby changes your life seemed very real. A switch had been flicked, and the old Deej was gone forever. I was now Uncle Deej, and my mind began to race with the possibilities. 

There is so much I hope to teach this kid. So many places I want to show him, food I want him to try, and corny jokes that MJ will pass along that I'm sure his parents will just love. But of all the dreams I have for my nephew, there's one that trumps them all...

I don't care if he grows up to hate donuts, The Beatles, or calls the Pig Sandwich by its actual name. All I want is for him to know that his Uncle Deej loves him more anything, and there's a big world out there just waiting to be explored.

Dad introduced him to the Gators....I took care of Mickey.

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