Where Should We Stay in Las Vegas - You Decide

Less than a year after our last visit to Las Vegas, it seems that Sin City has us in its tractor beam once again. Not that I mind, considering that Vegas is one of only a few destinations with a permanent seat on my travel radar. What I do mind, however, is the conundrum that I'll surely face as a result of planning this trip. It's a dilemma which I know all too well, and is guaranteed to make for a few sleepless nights.

Where to stay.

Bellagio Fountains
Too many choices...

It's a disease really. My passion for great hotels makes choosing which one to book a nearly impossible task. I always wonder if there's some place better, cooler, or more convenient which will prompt the worst phrase in the English language: "That's where we should have stayed." With such a wide range of Las Vegas hotels, the challenge is even more difficult than usual, so I'm going to try something a little different this time around.

I'm Letting You Decide

That's right. I'm putting democracy in action by holding a vote on where we should stay in Las Vegas. But before you start scheming for ways to rig the election and stick us at Circus Circus - I'm talking to you Steve - let me first lay out a very important ground rule. Your vote must come from one of the pre-approved choices below, and I can assure you the Stratosphere is not on the list. Now, let's meet the candidates.

The Mirage

We stayed at The Mirage on our last visit to Las Vegas and had a great experience. The location was hard to beat, especially since one of the main attractions for us was right downstairs: The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soliel. Of course, the cheap rates at The Mirage are a big attraction as well.
The Mirage Las Vegas
A good choice last time...should we go again?


MJ and I spent a day touring Las Vegas hotels, and we agreed our favorites were the Venetian and Palazzo. You would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful hotel anywhere, let alone in Vegas. Plus, dinner at Thomas Keller's Bouchon is all but a certainty during our visit.
Venetian Las Vegas
Is it me, or does the floor look like an MC Escher painting?


An obvious one for the list because, well, it's the Bellagio. Last year we recreated a scene from Ocean's 11 at Picasso, and I'm thinking a visit to Le Cirque is probably in order this time around. That is, assuming I don't spend the entire time mesmerized by the chocolate fountain at Jean Philippe Patisserie.
Bellagio Las Vegas
If you like fountains, Bellagio is the place for you.


The newest hotel on the Las Vegas Strip is also one of the most intriguing for a big reason: balconies. There are few things I love more in life than sitting on a hotel room balcony and enjoying the view. The Cosmopolitan is one of very few hotels in Las Vegas brave enough to offer balcony rooms, making it an easy choice for the short list.
Cosmopolitian Las Vegas
A bar draped in crystals. Right up MJ's alley...

And there you have it... The candidate hotels for our next Las Vegas adventure. Sure, I might have stacked the deck in my favor with these choices, but not making the final decision will no doubt mean fewer sleepless nights. The case has been made for each hotel, and now the choice is yours...

Cast your vote in the comments below!

Enjoy Your Stay

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