The Top 7 Things I Ate in 2012

Like many people this time of year, I've spent the last few days looking back at 2012 attempting to gauge how it stacks up to years past. As strange as it may sound, one of the main ways I tend to measure success is by the number of hotels I visit in a given year. Considering that this year's count currently stands at 28, it's safe to say that 2012 was a banner year for me. After a while, all of those hotel rooms start to run together in my brain, however there's one thing that never loses its prime location in my memory bank: the outstanding meals and plates I discovered while traveling.

Here's a look back at the top 7 things I ate in 2012.
#7 - The French Toast at Bay Hill Club & Lodge - Orlando
The Varsity Atlanta
#6 - The annual trip to The Varsity in Atlanta
Bouchon Bakery Eclairs
#5 - The Eclairs from Bouchon Bakery in Yountville
Gary Danko San Francisco
#4 - The Ahi Tuna at Gary Danko in San Francisco
Rocky Point Restaurant
#3 - The Burger at Rocky Point Restaurant on Highway 1
Pepples Donuts San Francisco
#2 - Vegan Donuts at the San Francisco Ferry Building
Victoria and Alberts
#1 - The Chocolate Oyster - For this story, you'll have to stay tuned...

So needless to say, I was well fed in 2012. The year was a success thanks to the hotels and amazing travel adventures, but decades from now it's the food which I'll remember most. With any luck, 2013 will hold many more foodie adventures, and it would be my honor if you'd tag along for them all. 

Happy New Year

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