5 Underrated Florida Attractions to Celebrate the End of Summer

The end of summer is upon us, which means families everywhere are trying to squeeze in one last getaway with the kids before they return to school. In Florida, that often means jam packed theme parks and sky high prices; not a great combination. The Sunshine State is filled with overlooked attractions, however, that not only offer unique experiences, but usually at a fraction of the price. Here's a few of my favorite underrated attractions in Florida for that end of summer adventure. 

Tallahassee Museum Tree-to-Tree Adventure

This underrated Florida attraction delivers far more excitement than a boring visit to the State Capitol, just so long as you're not afraid of heights. The Tallahassee Museum Tree-to-Tree Adventure is set amongst the tree-tops of a wildlife preserve, and will send you soaring across a swamp through a series of zip-lines and obstacle courses. The adventure is also a great way to get the kids active again after a long summer of video games. Take it from yours truly: it's one heck of a work-out. Plus, with tickets starting at just $15, it makes for an affordable end of summer family outing.

Tallahassee Tree-to-Tree Adventure

Miami Seaquarium

In a city with attractions like South Beach and Lebron James, it's easy for the Miami Seaquarium to be overlooked. The Seaquarium is actually the oldest of its kind in the United States, and once served as the set for the classic television show, Flipper. Today, the main attraction at the Miami Seaquarium is Lolita, a killer whale that dazzles - and soaks - crowds daily. And thanks to a few Miami Seaquarium coupons, seeing this orca is just a fraction of the price of Shamu.

I wonder what the people down front are thinking right now....

The Dali - St. Petersburg

The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg is home to the largest collection of art by Salvidor Dali outside of Europe. This underrated Florida attraction is found along St. Petersburg's waterfront in a building that's as unique as Dali himself. Kids tickets start at just $7, making it both an educational and inexpensive underrated Florida attraction. That is, so long as you stay out of the gift shop.
Dali Museum St. Petersburg
Dali would be proud of this, I think.

World Golf Hall of Fame - St. Augustine

You didn't think I'd pass up an opportunity to share a golf related attraction, did you? The World Golf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine is a must visit for any golfer, and one of the most overlooked attractions in Florida. OK, so I can understand why non-golfers aren't busting down the doors, but for any lovers of the game it is the perfect place to spend an afternoon soaking up some history. It helps that kids under 12 get in for just $5, however you can spend way more than that trying to hit the complex's replica of the famed #17 at TPC Sawgrass. 

The real one captures 100k golf balls a year!

Silver Springs - Ocala

Before some guy named Disney showed up, Silver Springs was once one of the most popular attractions in the state. This throwback to "Old Florida" also happens to be in my hometown. The park is located on the picturesque Silver River, and back in the day the crystal clear freshwater springs made numerous appearances in the movies, from Tarzan to Creature from the Black Lagoon. Silver Springs has been in a slow state of decline over the last few decades, struggling to keep up with their well funded competitors in Orlando, but the state has recently breathed new life into the attraction and is in the process of returning it to what it's always been - Florida's Nature Theme Park.

Silver Springs Park
One of the famous glass bottom boats.

So you see, heading out on that end of summer Florida getaway doesn't have to break the bank. Just keep your eyes open for some of the underrated attractions scattered around the state. Sure, they may lack a little of the flash that you'll find at the big boys. But they lack a little of the price tag too.

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