Ice Skating at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

As a lifelong resident of Florida, winter sports aren't exactly something I get to experience very often. About as close to the snow and ice as I'll get is what's seen on the TV every four years during the Winter Olympics. Every once in a while, however, I get the opportunity to lace up a pair of skates and fumble my way around the ice like a fish out of water. One afternoon during our recent trip to Las Vegas, just such an opportunity presented itself at The Cosmopolitan.

We decided to go ice skating as a way to burn off a few of the calories we consumed during our gorge fest at the Sterling Brunch. MJ and I had scouted out the options throughout our trip, as it seems everyone in Vegas decided to get into the ice skating business this winter. The one at Caesars was deemed too small - the Venetian too busy. But The Cosmopolitan was just right - a sufficiently large rink that wasn't too crowded, so as to save the potential embarrassment associated with cracking open my skull. Oh, and it also happened to feature one of the best views in Las Vegas.

The other reason I liked the ice skating rink at The Cosmopolitan is slightly, shall I say, unorthodox. You see, I walk like a duck and have a hard enough time staying upright in shoes, let alone ice skates. My technique for ice skating, therefore, is little different - basically, I plant my left foot and push along with my right. The moment I try and lift my left foot off the ice is the start of a two second countdown before my bum meets it up close. 

Sorry kid, didn't mean to snap a picture of you eating it.

The problem with this technique and my outward pointing left foot, is that I can basically only skate in a counter-clockwise circle. I'll never forget when the rink in Central Park had everyone change to clockwise mid-skate - I was forced to throw in the towel. Thankfully, The Cosmo was a counter-clockwise friendly establishment.

After about half an hour of doing what I call "skate" we decided to explore the other reason we chose The Cosmopolitan: the bar. Since it was a little chilly, we opted for a pair of Irish coffees - appropriately named The Buena Vista - while warming up next to one of the fire pits. Given my level of skill on the ice, I'm not sure how wise it was to throw Jameson into the mix, but since this was one of the best drinks I had in Vegas, I figured the risk of any potential injury was worthwhile. 

We went for a few more spins around the ice before the crowds got a little too big for my liking. OK, so it wasn't really busy, but there was a disproportionate number of little kids flying around and it was only a matter of time before I accidentally took one of them down. 


Ice skating at The Cosmopolitan was certainly a great time, and it will no doubt make our list the next time we are in Las Vegas during the winter. I must admit, however, that there was yet another reason why we chose to skate here instead of the other rinks....The Chandelier Bar. Since this was our last day in Las Vegas, it seemed like the best way to toast the end of a trip. 

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