A Photo Tour of Streamsong Resort

Sometimes in this business, it's best to set aside the writer's ego and just let the pictures do the talking. There are simply some stories that are better told with images, because no amount of highly descriptive adjectives could do it justice. Pebble Beach was one of those places for me, and so too was the Streamsong Resort - Florida's newest golf destination that defies everything I'd ever come to know about golf resorts in the Sunshine State.
Streamsong Blue 7th Hole
The postcard hole at Streamsong.. The 7th on the Blue course.

If you prefer the longhand version of the story, then here's 1000 words on the resort from yours truly at GolfWRX. Otherwise, here's the story of Streamsong in pictures.

Directions to Streamsong Resort
Directions to Streamsong: Go to middle of nowhere. Turn left. Continue 40 miles.

Directions to Streamsong Resort
Getting closer.

Made it... I guess?

Streamsong Lodge
The ultra-modern Lodge at Streamsong inspired by Salvidor Dali.

Streamsong Lodge
The sleek, if maybe a little sterile, front desk.

Streamsong Lodge
Plenty of seating and an incredible sunset. My kind of lobby.

Streamsong Lodge
An interesting choice of artwork.

Streamsong Lodge
A photo history showing the property's former life as a phosphate mine.

Streamsong Lodge
White duvet... Check. Awesome view... Check. Two TVs in one room... Check.

Streamsong Lodge
The impressive book collection in the room.

Streamsong Golf Clubhouse
Showtime... The clubhouse as seen from the putting green.

Streamsong Red 1st Hole
1st tee on Streamsong Red.

Streamsong Red 1st Hole
Where not to miss it on the 1st hole.

Streamsong Red 1st Hole
Looking back from the 1st green toward the clubhouse.

Streamsong Red 2nd Hole
2nd fairway.

Streamsong Red 4th Hole
Perhaps my favorite approach of the day. Par-4 4th hole.

Streamsong Red 5th Hole
5th tee. Great short par-4, at least from the black tees.

Streamsong Red 5th Hole
The enormous 5th green with 6th in background.

Streamsong Red 6th Hole
The amazing par-3 6th, with a huge gator out of scene left.

Streamsong Red 7th Hole
One should probably be in moderately decent shape to walk this course...

Streamsong Red 7th Hole
I am not...

Streamsong Red 7th Hole
But the view was worth the climb.

Just your ordinary 57 yard deep green.

One of my favorite things about Streamsong... Undefined tee boxes. Just slap down some markers and call it a hole.
Worth noting that's roughly 70 yards of bailout area to the right of 7th green.

Shade... A rare commodity.

Streamsong Red 13th Hole
Standing on top of a dune left of the 13th green. Just for the picture, not cause my ball was there...of course.

Streamsong Red 14th Hole
The 14th. My favorite par3 on the Red...

Streamsong Red 16th Hole
Until I got here... The 16th on Red.

Streamsong Red 16th Green
The old school Biarritz green on the 16th of Red.

What a day...

An Old Fashioned and crabcake in P2O5 to celebrate a great day.

Enjoying the sunrise from a lounge chair by the pool.

Streamsong Bye Hole
The Bye Hole. Perfect for settling those pesky bets or a few nervous warm-up swings.

Streamsong Blue 1st Tee
The workout starts right away on Streamsong Blue

But again, the payoff makes it worthwhile.

Streamsong Blue 1st Hole
The opener on Streamsong Blue with the 7th on the Red to the left. Confession: I topped my 3-wood off the tee.

The 3rd tee.

The Himalaya-style bunker on the 4th. Yes, those are people in the background.

The dainty par-3 5th hole. All 100 yards of it. Some people take out the putter, and for good reason...

This. Don't miss the 5th green.

The somewhat daunting par-4 12th hole.

Best break of the trip. Went for the drivable par-4 13th. Wound up on the cart path.

3rd shot to the par-5 17th. Played 876 yards into the wind.

You get used to this after a while.

The approach to the 18th. The tee shot is blind, cresting this knoll is quite a thrill.

So there you have it, a failed attempt at brevity because somehow this thing still took 1000 words. But that pretty much sums up the Streamsong Resort - it's the kind of place that no amount of words can do justice. From the day this resort was announced, many were predicting it would become "the winter Bandon Dunes." After two days at Streamsong, I'm beginning to think they may be right.

Enjoy Your Stay

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