I'm gonna let you in on a little secret....Travel bloggers love free stuff. OK...everyone loves free stuff, but especially travel bloggers. The overwhelming majority of the time, I am paying my own way when I travel, and my reviews are free from any real or perceived conflict of interest. However, once in a blue moon I might...

Sleep for free.

Eat for free.

Get some cool swag for free.

I have worked hard over the years to earn the trust of my readers, and I have no intention of throwing that away for a free meal or stay in a hotel. If a meal is lousy, I'll say so. If a hotel is in dire need of an update, you'll know about it. To put it simply, my integrity is not for sale, and all that visit The World of Deej can have confidence that the reviews found inside are 100% honest...Always.

Now for the boring stuff....

The World of Deej accepts various forms of advertising compensation. The World of Deej is not compensated to provide positive opinions or reviews on hotels, restaurants, or other products and services. The opinions expressed on The World of Deej are solely that of the authors, and any claims and representations should be verified by the reader with the subject directly.

There, happy Uncle Sam?

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