The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas - Better Come Hungry

I don't do dinner buffets. In stark contrast to their breakfast counterparts, dinner buffets are my second-to-least favorite form of dining, only slightly beating out Fondu for last position. When it comes to dining in Las Vegas, however, all one ever seems to hear about are the legendary dinner buffets. Not to mention that at least once a year every travel magazine under the sun lists the "Best Las Vegas Buffets." Feeling that I would not have properly done Sin City without experiencing a feeding trough, I set aside my disdain for one evening and paid a visit to The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas.

The Buffet Wynn Las Vegas

Anytime I think of a Las Vegas buffet, I immediately picture Randy Quaid ordering "some of the blue and some of the yeller" in the movie "Vegas Vacation."And while I'm sure there might be some which resemble that scene, I had pretty high confidence that Steve Wynn wouldn't allow his buffet to be anything less than extraordinary. At least, that's how my wife and friends sold me on the idea, to keep my complaints to a minimum. 

The Buffet Wynn Las Vegas
The Entrance to The Buffet

"What's this? A line?"

We arrived to the Wynn somewhere around 8pm, and made our way to the line to enter the buffet. The concept of a line for dinner was really foreign to me, but apparently this is how they do buffets in Vegas. The lady in line next to us said this one was relatively short compared to some nights, but that didn't keep me from whining for the 20 minutes or so it took for us to reach the register. Only in Vegas would they be able to pull off the concept of "wait in line, pay first, eat later" but seeing I didn't have much of a choice, I plopped down our $90 and hoped for the best.
The Buffet Wynn Las Vegas
Part of the Dining Room

After being seated in the crowded, yet comfortable dining room, I headed to the buffet area to get started. Given the enormity of the spread, I decided to make a loop and survey what was available first, before I started loading up my plate. I'm glad I did this, because the Wynn strategically hides the shrimp and crab legs at the very end of the line. Sure, put the good stuff last so no one has room on their plate. Sneaky Steve Wynn...Sneaky...
The Buffet Wynn Las Vegas
The Huge Line of Buffet Stations

"The ocean called, they're running out of shrimp."

I started off with an entire plate devoted solely to smoked salmon, and as I made my way back to the buffet I felt a little weak in the knees. Next up was the mother load...Prime rib, chicken, pasta, mashed potatoes, a couple pieces of sushi, and some more smoked salmon for good measure. What?...don't judge.
The Buffet Wynn Las Vegas
Aerial View of the Shellfish Station

I'd cordoned off a quadrant of my stomach specifically for shellfish, and I was ready to get my $90 worth. I made not one, but two trips back to the buffet for plates of crab and shrimp. In the end I might of put away Captain Sig Hansen's entire catch from last year.
The Buffet Wynn Las Vegas
Salad So Pretty I Considered Having Some

Finally, it was time for dessert, and the Wynn buffet did not disappoint here either. Gelato, crepes made to order, and a huge assortment of cakes and other sweets kept me busy for quite a while. The highlight for my wife was the candy apple, while I may have had more than one chocolate cupcake.
The Buffet Wynn Las Vegas
This Was Just Our First Trip to the Dessert Station

While I'm sure there are plenty of fantastic buffets in Las Vegas, it's hard to imagine that there are many which rank above the Wynn. In the end, I was glad that I relaxed my strict policy against dinner buffets. Was it worth the $45 a person? That's debatable, but I didn't walk away feeling as though I was ripped off either. Besides, I'm sure I consumed enough smoked salmon and crab legs to more than justify the cost. 

Have you experienced a Vegas buffet? Share your story!

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