Senor Frogs - Where the Rum is Never Gone

Over the years, I've been lucky to go on a number of cruises to the Caribbean. And while most of these cruises are alike in that they are filled with plenty of food and R&R, they also have had their own individual characteristics. There has been short cruises, long cruises, cruises with the family, cruises with my wife, and cruises with friends. Unlike the unique attributes of each cruise, however, the ports of call are decidedly non-unique. If you are visiting Mexico and the Caribbean, you're guaranteed to find white sand beaches, clear blue water, a Diamonds International shop every 47 feet, shady taxi drivers, and of course the mainstay of the Caribbean...Senor Frogs....
Senor Frogs Nassau
There's One Next to Every Port in the Caribbean

One part tiki-bar and another part night club, Senor Frogs is designed for those looking to have a good time. As one walks down the street, there is something alluring about the obnoxiously loud music and screaming guy on the mic that draws many in to check it out. Once inside, it's clear that what fuels the good time at Senor Frogs is an inhumane amount of alcohol.
And He's Drinking Water...

Perhaps what Senor Frogs is best known for is their signature drink "The Yard." The name is derived from the oddly shaped plastic glass its served in, which is more or less an 18 inch long goblet. Some of us may remember when "The Yard" was actually 24 inches, but regardless, I can't help but feel I've gotten jipped out of half a drink every time I purchase an 18 inch "yard." Granted, about halfway into my first I've long forgotten about the misleading name of the concoction, and can finally begin to have a good time.
The Only Guy in the Place in a Collared Shirt

As a result of these enormous and disproportionally expensive drinks, Senor Frogs is perhaps one of the best places for people watching. It's here that every temporarily legal 18 year old comes to try alcohol for the first time. You can always spot them as they tend to travel in packs, and the degree of their drunken antics far exceeds the amount of alcohol actually consumed. Another group that you're guaranteed to find is the overage tourist, who has decided that this is just the place to reconnect to his partying ways. As with the teenagers, the antics of this group makes them easy to spot, and the sight of a 40 something dancing to Lil John simply can't be missed.
Senor Frogs Nassau
Meet a Random Australian with a Pickup Truck = Free Ride Back to Ship

To be honest, no one should visit Senor Frogs...Ever. It really is a lousy place. The drinks are expensive, the place is dirty, you can't hear for quite some time after you leave, and as I witnessed on one visit, you may find yourself taken back to the ship in a wheelchair. But if you find it entertaining to watch those who can't handle 18 inch plastic goblets of watered down alcohol, then this may be just the place for you.

Enjoy Your Stay

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