The Beach and the Mouse - Disney's Vero Beach Resort

As I'm sure my wife would tell you, I'm a bit of an oddball. You see, there are many things in this world that the vast majority of people enjoy, which I would rather avoid if possible. For example, I've never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I certainly have no intention of trying one. In addition, if given the choice between any type of adult beverage, beer usually finds itself last on my list. But perhaps the biggest example of my going against the grain is the fact that I really don't like the beach.

There are many problems which I have with the beach, the first of which is I'm not really into the sun. Yeah, I'm appreciative of its life giving qualities, but beyond that, I'm not a fan of baking myself all day. In addition to the sun, I have issues with the sand. It sticks to you, gets between your toes, renders your previously comfortable flip flops into sand paper, and is just otherwise unpleasant. And finally, I don't like the beach because I don't like the crowds. I enjoy people, I work with people all day for living, but when I'm on vacation I'd just assume not see anyone, especially when they are mostly naked. There is one glowing exception to my anti-beach mentality, however, and it just so happens to be this weekend...

For the last 3 years, my wife and I have traveled to Disney's Vero Beach Resort for a long weekend of relaxation. This resort is the opposite of what most would expect from both Disney and the beach. When most think of Disney, they think of theme parks, long lines, and screaming kids in strollers with parents that went certifiably insane upon their arrival. In addition, when one thinks of the beach, often the first picture that comes to mind is something similar to Daytona. A sprawling span of sand, oddly enough with cars driving on it, and dilapidated strip motels serving as temporary shelter for teenage spring breakers. The beauty of this resort however, is that it is none of these things. The only reason kids are screaming is because they are having a good time, the parents are less insane as they've had a few pina coladas, and the beach is nearly empty, for the resort is surrounded by private residences as far as the eye can see.

Yes, Disney did this resort right, but the beauty is it has maintained its "hidden gem" status. Very few seem to know about this resort, mainly because its part of the Disney Vacation Club, and is not marketed to the theme park visiting masses. Sadly, the idea of a resort with no theme park was not a huge success, and the original plans for these types of resorts around the country were shelved. That is until recently when Disney began work on a new resort in Hawaii. Might be kinda hard to have a weekend get-a-way for that one...

One thing I love about this trip, is its the one adventure that my wife and I do the same each year. We visit the same weekend, we book the same room, we do the same things once we get there. But there is so much about this little weekend getaway that I love. I enjoy stocking our fridge for the week so as to not spend money on Disney food at Disney prices. I enjoy sitting on the balcony and looking for sea turtles in the ocean. I love getting up at sunrise to see if any came ashore and laid eggs. I'm a big fan of their passion fruit mojito, which yes is pink, but I'm ok with it. Its great to feel like I've gone to Martha's Vineyard for the weekend, and yet I'm only two hours away.

And so its time to begin our preparation. As usual, MJ is in charge of the food, I'm in charge of the drink. Our friends Sambo and TWiu (yes I have nicknames for everyone) are joining us this year, and it promises to be a great time. You know...maybe I'll just go barefoot, and that will solve my sandpaper flip flop problem...

Enjoy Your Stay

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