The Hyatt Regency Austin - Review

When I started to plan our trip to Austin, there were many factors I had to consider when selecting a hotel. We needed a location that would be both convenient to the sites of downtown, but also the venues around Austin for my sister-in-law's wedding. Naturally, I wanted something nice, but we didn't want to break the bank either. Then there was the added pressure to redeem myself from the abyssal hotel choice I made for another trip earlier this year. After taking into account all of these factors, I landed on the Hyatt Regency Austin.Hyatt Regency Austin
They Hyatt was conveniently located on the edge of downtown Austin, on the south side of the Colorado River, and adjacent to the Congress Street Bridge. The location proved to be perfect for accessing the various routes for the wedding, as well as exploring downtown on foot. Granted, the walk across the Congress Bridge in the stifling heat wasn't much fun, but it was a short walk, and I came to accept that it's's gonna be hot.Hyatt Regency Austin
We arrived at the hotel a little before noon, and I was very grateful that a room was ready, because I was in desperate need for a nap. I had signed us up for Hyatt's "E-Standby" which essentially gives a discounted rate on an upgrade if available at check-in. Unfortunately, none of the suites were available, but the agent found us an awesome corner room with wrap around windows and a partial view of the river.Hyatt Regency Austin
The room itself was spacious, perhaps because of its corner location, although the wrap around windows made keeping the room cool a bit difficult. It was outfitted with a flat-screen TV, Keurig coffee brewer, and the all important duvet on the bed. While most of the room and bath had clearly been updated over the years, the shower was still stuck in 1987, with the exception of the now standard curved curtain rod. I shared an elevator with the hotel engineer, and he mentioned another renovation was due in 2012. Perhaps the showers will get some much needed attention.Hyatt Regency Austin
The hotel's atrium style design, while rarely used in new hotels, has always been my favorite. I enjoy sitting in atrium lobbies, reading the paper and hearing the sounds from throughout the hotel. The atrium reminds me of being on a cruise ship, or at Disney's Contemporary, which I'm sure influences my enjoyment of this style. With an atrium style hotel, noise can certainly be an issue, but once inside our room we rarely heard anything from the lobby.Hyatt Regency Austin
The hotel has a few outlets available for food. First, there was the Southwest Bistro, which also hosted the hotel's buffet breakfast. I enjoyed the buffet one morning, and found it to be a good value, although I found the extra charge for omelettes a bit tacky. In addition, the hotel lounge, Marker 10, featured sushi, as well as other light bites on their menu. We visited the lounge a few times during our stay, and found the service to be excellent. Finally, the hotel gift shop doubles as a coffee house, serving Starbucks, as well as various pastries and snacks.Hyatt Regency Austin
Perhaps my favorite thing about this hotel was also the simplest of amenities. Each day, adjacent to the front desk, a cooler with ice water was set up and filled with various citrus. This water was so refreshing walking in from the Texas heat, that I think I stopped for a cup each time through the lobby. Sure, the service and room were both great, but that water really made my stay. Just goes to show that sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impressions.Hyatt Regency Austin
Overall, we had a great experience at the Hyatt Regency Austin. I found the hotel to be an excellent value for the price paid, and it served all of our needs well while in Austin. I am certain we will find ourselves returning to Austin, and though I'm sure I'll once again examine all of the hotel options available, the Hyatt will find itself on the top of my list.

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