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Perhaps the best meal we had on our trip to Austin, also happened to be our first. What's more impressive, given my OCD nature in planning trips, is that the meal was a total spur of the moment decision while driving the streets of Austin. Rarely, if ever, do I simply "whip it in" somewhere for lunch, but that's exactly how we found ourselves at Red's Porch.
Red's Porch Austin
The restaurant is somewhat hidden behind a Bank of America, and as we turned off busy Lamar Street, we thought we were lost. Fearing Red's was one of the many food trucks in Austin and had gone mobile, we started to turn around. Thankfully, we spotted the restaurant in the back, because otherwise we would have missed out...
Red's Porch Austin

As we approached the hostess stand, we were given the option of dining indoors downstairs, or upstairs on the "porch." Given that hardly anyone was inside, and I could hear the lively atmosphere upstairs, we opted to dine outside. Despite being in Texas in late May, it was a very comfortable temperature, aided by a nice breeze.
Red's Porch Austin
The menu at Red's is very extensive, with everything from pot roast, to Mexican, to their famous burgers, and everything in between. Once at our table, I pulled up the restaurant's website, and noticed the fried chicken entree was the featured photograph, so I figured it must be worth ordering. This assumption proved dead on, as it might have been the best thing I ate during our entire trip. The chicken breast was fried and incredibly tender, but not too heavy or greasy. Usually after eating fried chicken, the gallon of Crisco leaves me feeling pretty lousy about myself, but far from the case here. Having paired the chicken with a pint of Austin's own Live Oak Hefeweizen, I finished lunch feeling quite content. 

While the food was fantastic, the best thing about Red's is without a doubt the atmosphere. Red's was the kind of place that I could sit for several hours, just enjoying my favorite beverage and the company of friends. As I looked around the porch, it seemed that was exactly what most were doing, as there was little food on the majority of the tables. Don't let the bar type atmosphere fool you though, because the food really is worth the visit.

Overall, I'm really glad we "whipped it in" to Red's Porch, as it was the perfect way to begin our trip to Austin. The great thing about travel is that even simple experiences, like a restaurant with a porch, can turn out to be memorable ones. And while I wish there were more places like Red's in my hometown, their absence helps me appreciate them more when I'm away.

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