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Welcome to those of you joining me from Capturing Magical Memories and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd, stop on our Magical Blogorail as we explore the educational side of Walt Disney World.

Throughout the parks of Walt Disney World, there are plenty of examples of educational activities for both young and old. Whether it's the Hall of Presidents, the Living Seas, or the Art of Animation, there is much to be learned at Disney. So much so, that it's impossible for me to pick just one. So I'd like to take a different approach, if you don't mind.

Here is a small sampling of all the things I learned at Disney as a kid...

~All the Presidents retire to the Magic Kingdom.
~There is a giant ocean underneath Epcot.
~Glow necklaces are so cool, and will surely last forever.
~The guy who hops on cars at end of Tomorrowland Speedway is awesome.
~Monorails are way cooler than ferryboats.
~Spaceship Earth is actually a giant golf ball.
~When separated from parents, freak out....Someone will help you.
~All hotels should have a game room like the Contemporary's.
~It is perfectly acceptable to play putt-putt in hotel hallways.

~Spaceflight is possible at Disney.
~Food tastes better when shaped like Mickey.
~The Golden Girls live at MGM Studios.
~Captain EO is the best movie ever.
~The fire department on Tom Sawyer Island is awfully slow.
~Pluto walks on two legs in real life.
~Watch your step between the rails on Main Street.
~Mickey uses some form of magic to be in so many places at once.
~The good guy always wins.....Always.

And the number one thing I learned at Disney as a kid was.....

~Parents have no sense of fashion.

So now I ask, what did you learn as a kid when visiting Mickey? Or better yet, what severely misguided facts have you passed on to your kid at Disney?

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is YourFirstVisit.

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  1. Awesome!! I love your take!! So glad you are AFTER me, not sure I could beat this one.

  2. Deej, you crack me up!

    (But I think food really DOES taste better when shaped like Mickey!)

  3. That is hysterical! Love the list!

  4. Isn't almost everything better shaped like Mickey Mouse?! Love your take on this. I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers seeing the Golden Girls' house on the Backlot Tour. I think of that every time I read, and think that something's not quite right about the ride anymore! And that last picture. . . too cute! That must have been the 80's. My 2 brothers were adopted from Korea in 1985 - by summertime they were just getting the hang of the English language. I remember one of them saying something like "Why big boy little shirt on?" We still joke about that.

  5. ...and the parent responds: this made me laugh and cry all at the same time....BTW - you loved that outfit....

  6. LOL! What a great list and love the photo! :-)


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