The Summer of Deej

If you're like me, and have watched way too many hours of Seinfeld than you care to admit, it's likely you're familiar with the episode featuring "The Summer of George." In case you managed to avert the Seinfeld craze of the 90's, the back story is George is fired by the Yankees and given three months of severance pay, with which he decides to do all the things in life he's always wanted, like read a book and learn how to play Frisbee golf. Although my life bears little resemblance to that of George Costanza (thank God), the last few months have been filled with some great adventures, with last weekend marking the end of what I'm dubbing "The Summer of Deej."

The Chapel Dulcinea outside Austin

While still technically spring, our summer started in May, with a short weekend down at Disney, and we ended the month with a trip to Austin for my sister-in-law's wedding. We took the month of June off, but started July with a bang by spending the 4th in Atlanta, where my wife participated in the Peachtree Road Race. Next up was a long weekend in D.C., where I fulfilled a goal of seeing Manchester United play in person. Finally, our annual weekend at Disney's Vero Beach resort wrapped up what was one of the better summers I can recall to date.

Coke simply tastes better in Atlanta

All of these adventures had their own unique qualities, and I'd even say I learned something from each. Here's a brief recap...

A) I learned I'll never set foot at Disney's All-Star resorts ever again....I mean it...Not even the parking lot.

2) Never again will I scoff at someone from Texas who claims it's hotter than Florida, because, well, they're right. Texas in late May makes Florida in July look like a nice autumn morning. It's also safe to say that the highway system in Texas is the most bizarrely designed in the country.

c) I learned that runners are a crazy group of people, and those participating in the Peachtree Road Race are definitely part of something special. It's not every day people line the streets of a major city to simply watch other people July.

IV) Washington D.C. is one dysfunctional place, to the point that the symbols of the city, and our nation, are crumbling under our leader's noses. Save the National Mall.

Cinco) I learned that it's possible to still get sunburned, even when sitting under a giant umbrella. Another reason this Florida boy hates sitting on the beach.

Manchester United vs Barcelona

Aside from the trips and the memories that were made, it was also an enjoyable summer for my stomach, thanks to the many great meals we had along the way. I ate so much amazing food, it's a good thing I've taken up running...well sort of. But after careful consideration, it should come as no surprise that the best thing I ate all summer was naturally a dessert....the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding at Atlanta's Cellar 56. If they could find a way to mass market this stuff, in the words of Forrest Gump, they'd have " more money than Davey Crockett."

Sunrise at Disney's Vero Beach Resort

And so with the Summer of Deej coming to a close, you might see less of me over the next month or so, as I spend some much needed time in the real world. I've definitely played hard the last few months, and now I'm chocked full of motivation to work hard. This was a great summer, filled with some great adventures, and as always, thanks to everyone reading this for being a part of them.

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  1. What a fabulous summer!!! Don't limit it to summer....embrace ALL the seasons.
    ....and you surely have a strange numbering system!!

  2. All Star isn't that bad.... come on!

  3. Great post!! SLOL about All Star and the Texas heat!!! It sounds like it was summer to remember!!


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