Vegas Single vs Married- A Tale of Two Trips

A few days ago, I was going through some photos and reminiscing on a trip to Las Vegas. This trip wasn't the one I recently took with my wife, but several years ago with a few buddies. As I looked through the pictures and scanned what remained of my memory bank from that adventure, I realized that my two trips to Las Vegas could not have been anymore different.

Here's a few observations I picked up on tackling Las Vegas single versus married.


Single: There are two things that most single guys will consider when choosing a hotel in Vegas. Cost, and how far the walk will be to the nightclub.

Married: Likewise, there are also two things married couples consider. Cost, and how far the walk will be to Celine Dion.
Mirage Las Vegas
I did not have this good of a view when single...


Single: When you're single you wonder why the breakfast buffet doesn't run until 5pm.

Married: When you're married you wonder why you're the only one at Serendipity at 8am.
Picasso Las Vegas
This was not in the budget first time around...


Single: Every dime to your name disappears at the roulette table 8 minutes after you check in.

Married: The strict gambling budget lasts the entire trip, thanks to your slow play on penny slots.
Fancy a guess which trip this was taken?...


Single: Paying a security guard $100 to skip the line at a hot nightclub seems like a bargain.

Married: You live on the wild side by choosing the 10pm show for The Beatles LOVE.
How about this one?...


Single: You become an expert in which hotel offers the biggest, most obnoxious drink imaginable.

Married: You become an expert in the path casino cocktail servers take back to their bar.
Not the kind of drink I had in mind...


Single: No Cirque du Soliel or clothed performers.

Married: Take your pick...Elton John or Jerry Seinfeld.
Living on the edge...

The End

Single: Your body has shifted to auxiliary power, and you attempt to pay the $50 cab fare to the airport with a $5 chip from Caesars. You ponder how many escort cards you are missing to have the complete set.

Married: After packing the bathrobe from the room in your suitcase, you hop on the $7 shuttle to the airport. You ponder how Steve Wynn made any money off of you on his buffet. was better this time around...

As you can see, there is a stark difference in these two approaches to Las Vegas. Which do I prefer? Well, obviously that distinction goes to the one as a married man, as opposed to a guy looking to recreate the movie Hangover. See...I've gotten smarter with age too...

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