The Anaheim Marriott - Disneyland Review

I don't care where we stay, but it better not be like the last Marriott. 

I had a feeling this would be my wife's reaction when I tossed out the idea of staying at the Anaheim Marriott on our trip to Disneyland. She certainly had good reason to feel this way, given our last experience at a Marriott was pretty pathetic to say the least. Despite favorable reviews across the web, I knew I was taking a leap of faith with this selection, and there wasn't much room in the budget for "something pretty" to make up for it, should this not work out so well. Still, I forged ahead with the plan, and hoped for the best.

Anaheim Marriott
The Anaheim Marriott

We arrived to the Anaheim Marriott around 11pm, exhausted, jet lagged, and hungry. We took the Super Shuttle from LAX, which at $16 per person is a great deal for anyone heading to the Disneyland area - minus the driver that nearly killed us all a few times. Once checked in, we headed back down to the hotel bar for a very late dinner. After a full day of travel, there is nothing better than a giant cheeseburger topped with a fried me on this one. 
Anaheim Marriott
The Hotel Lobby Beautifully Decorated for Christmas

After a full nights sleep in the hotel's incredibly comfortable bed, I got up early to do a bit of exploring around the hotel. In addition to the bar, for dining there was also JW's Steakhouse, Cafe del Sol, and even a Pizza Hut. I was ecstatic when I discovered the Starbucks and Marketplace for breakfast, and I may have had a warmed morning bun every day of our visit.
Anaheim Marriott
This is Guaranteed to Make Me Happy

As for our room, we were upgraded to the concierge level, with a partial view of the Disneyland resort. I say partial because the giant Hilton across the street blocks most of the view, but we were still able to see some of California Adventure and the surrounding area. In addition to the amazing bed, the room featured a flat screen TV, a traditional sitting area and desk, and to my wife's pleasure, a Keurig style coffee maker.
Anaheim Marriott
Our Room

This place is way better than the last Marriott. 

Anaheim Marriott
The View

For those heading to Disneyland over a weekend, note that the concierge lounge is closed on Friday and Saturday, and only open for evening service on Sunday. I didn't learn until we checked out that we could have had breakfast in the restaurant instead, but we likely would have passed anyway since we were doing breakfast on the run each morning. I did get to visit the lounge on Monday before we checked out, and the breakfast spread was better than most concierge lounges I've visited lately.
Anaheim Marriott
The Concierge Lounge Spread

Speaking of Disneyland, the Marriott's location is very convenient for heading to the parks, with the entrance being about a 10 minute walk away. Sure, we could have taken the Anaheim Rapid Transit, but when given the choice between walking and a bus, I'm going to use my feet every time. There are also an interesting mix of restaurants within a short walk of the hotel, with everything from IHOP and Denny's to Morton's and Ruth's Chris.
Anaheim Marriott
The Wine Bar

Overall, we had a great stay at the Anaheim Marriott, and will certainly return when our travels take us back to Disneyland. The hotel offers a great balance for both business travelers visiting the adjacent convention center, or families spending time at the parks. In addition, the Anaheim Marriott presents a far better value for the dollar than the Disneyland hotels, and I was more than happy to spend that savings elsewhere....Vegas.

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